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- preposition
- “similar to” or “such as”
- used in informal speeches
- followed only by a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase
- subordinating conjunction
- introduces a subordinate clause
and, but, or, nor, for, yet
joins two or more closely related independent clauses that are not connected with a coordinating conjunction
- To Indicate a Sudden Break
- To Set Off an Introductory Series: set off introductory series from the clause that explains the series
- To Set Off Parenthetical Material: set off parenthetical material—material that explains or clarifies a word or a phrase
- To Indicate Interrupted Speech
- For Emphasis: emphasize a word, a series, a phrase, or a clause
Quotation Marks
titles of songs, pomes, short stories, one-act plays, lectures, episodes of radio or television programs, chapters of books, unpublished works, electronic files, and articles found in magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, or on-line source
(1) distinguish a word that is being discussed, (2) to indicate that a word is an unfamiliar slang {“chanky-chank”}, (3) to point out that a word is being used in a special way
titles of magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, books, plays, films, videos, CD’s, cassettes, legal cases, radio and TV programs, operas, ballets, plays, book-length poems, lengthy musical compositions, names of ships or aircrafts, foreign names, scientific names
- For Special Uses: mark a number, letter, or word that is being discussed or used in a special way
- For Foreign Words: words that have not been adopted into the English language or scientific names