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WHat are some features of a personal pronoun?
can be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person may also be singular or plural
How do you make reflexive pronouns?
Add self or selves
What are reflexice pronouns used for?
To refer to the same entity or provide contrast
What are some examples of reflexive Pronouns?
I cut myself.

My family are all republicans, I myself am a democrat.
What are reciprocal pronoun?
Similar to reflexive, but distributed different.

The lawyers respect themseves (reflexive)

The lawyers respect each other (reciprocal)
What are indefinate pronouns
Refers to indefinative #s (ie some, any (body, thing, one) None is also and it shortens to no if combined with something else.
How many Demonstrative pronouns are there? and what are they?
4 of them. This, That, These, Those
What do demonstrative pronouns do?
indicate location relative to the speaker as well as a number. They modify a head noun in a noun phrase. Who told you that? Shall I order these?
What are the two relative pronouns?
WHo and Whom
When do you use Who?
If the pronoun is used to refer to a subject you would use who

The boy who caught a fish
When do you use the pronoun WHom?
When the pronoun is used to refer to the object of the sentance

I am going to the lawyer whom you introduced me to.
Whe do you always use Who?
When used in conjuncion with a linking verb

who is she?
Who are you going with?
What is the formula of a passive voice?
reciever+ action+ by doer

The car was wrecked by Thelma

THe poem was written by Ian
When is a sentance in the active voice?
When the subject is the doer of the action

Thelma wrecked the car
What is the grammatical Subject?
words appearing in the subject slot
Which form is the base form of a verb?
the present tense
How is the PRESENT PARTICIPLE formed?
by adding -ING to the base form

laughing, singing, being and feeling
How is PAST PARTICIPLE formed?
by using HAVE or HAD and then -ed or -en to the base form
what time does a past participle show?
It carried NO time of its own

She has often studied hard (in the recent past)

She had often studied hard (before something else happened in the past)

She will have studied hard (by some time in the future)
WHat are nonfinite verb forms?
Verb forms that carry no time on their own
What tenses are the nonfinite verb forms?
Present Prticiple and the Past participle
which forms do carry time?
present and past
What are the third person singular subjects?
he, she , it
how are past tense verbs typically marked?
with adding -ed to base form
how is present tense generally marked?
by adding -s or -es to base form
Which verb forms are finite verb forms?
present tense and past tense
who is the first person of a sentance/
the speaker
Who is 2nd person in a sentance?
the listener
who is the third person of a sentance
the entity being spoken about
WHat are modals? how many are there, and what are they?
they are auxilary helping verbs, there is 9 and htey are:

will, would, shall, should, can could, may might, must (sometimes ought to is considered on)
What is a pronoun?
they take the position and function as a noun, but do not specifically name
What are some examples of Pronouns?
He, she, it, woman, man, everyone, each, either, someone, nothing, nobody, something, several, both
what are the possesive personal pronouns?
Mine, yours, its, hers, his, theirs
WHat is an antecedent?
the noun the pronoun is referring to.
What does the progressive aspect do?
allows us to describe actions as backgrounds to other actions, ro actions in progress

As I speak, Mary is writing her a letter.

When Pat arrived home, the children were playing quietly
What is the formula for progressive tenses?
(be+Time) + Present Participle
WHat is the formula for third person present progressive
She is ... (she is waiting)
What is the formula for third person progressive
Shw was... (She was waiting)
What is the formula for thirsd person future progressive
She will be... (SHe will be waiting)
WHat is the formula for perfect tenses?
(have + time) + past particple
What does the PERFECT ASPECT do?
serves to associate an action with a later time

I have seen tat movie
The woman had left by the time her sister arrived
Give an example of third person present perfect
she has waited
Give an example of third person past perfect
she had waited
Give an example of third person future perfect
she will have waited
Give an example of present perfect progressive
She has been waiting
Give an example of thrid person past perfect progressive
Give an example of 3rd person future perfect progressive
She will have been waiting
What does Subject verb agreement refer to?
Subjects and verbs should agree in perosn and number, and pronouns agree in number, person, and gender (with the nouns they refer to)
Is the word EVERY grammatical plural or Singular?

Every Log and stick was burned
When parts of a subject are joined by OR or NOR, the verb agrees with which part?
The nearer part

Jones or Albertson is to be arrested today
What is a collective noun?
it is a group, such as a commitee, family or team
Are collective nouns plural or singular?