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index contour
A darker,heavier contour line that is usually every fifth line and is labeled by elevation.
The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of an area being mapped.
contour interval
The difference in elevation between one contour line and the next.
contour lines
Lines that cannect points of equal elevation.
The height of an object above sea level.
topographic map
A map that shows the surface features of the Earth.
remote sensing
Gathering information about something without actually being nearly.
aerial photograph
A photograph taken from the air.
azimuthal projection
A map projection that is made by transferring the content of the globe onto a plane.
conic projection
A map projection that is made by transferring the contents of the globe onto a cone.
Mercator projection
A map projection that results when the content of the globe are transferred onto a cylinder.
prime meridian
The line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England; represents 0 degrees longitude.
magnetic declination
The angle of correction for the difference between geographic north and magnetic north.
The distance north or south from the equator; measured in degrees.
A circle halfway between the poles that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
true north
The geogrpahic North Pole.
A model or representation of the Earth's surface.
The distance east or west from the prime meridian; measured in degreees.