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know these vocabulary words...
draft, civilians, habeas corpus, inflation, emancipate
Know these people....
Robert Lee, Edwin Stanton, Stonewall Jackson, General Sheridan, Dorthea Dix, U.S. Grant,George McClellan
Know what border states are and...
be able to name them
Know the basic details of the battle between...
the Monitor and Merrimac
Know the winners of the major battles....
see your reading guides
Know what was meant by...
total war
Know the basic details of the..
final surrender
Be able to explain why free blacks and former slaves volunteered to join the Union Army.....
thanks for the advance warning, Mr. Campion
Be abl;e to explain why the Southerners suffered greater hardships as a result of the Civil War than did the Northerneres....
wow, what a great idea for an esay question.