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first written agreement of self-government in America
Mayflower Compact
first permanent European settlement in New World
St. Augustine
When did the Pilgrims establish their colony at Plymouth?
Who claimed part of North America for England?
John Cabot
first place separatists moved to for religious freedom
colony founded by Sir Walter Raliegh
When was Jamestown founded?
In 1588 England defeated the ________.
Spanish Armada
the first governor of Jamestown
Lord De La Warr
minister of the colony at Plymouth
Elder Brewster
first written constitution in America
Fundamental orders of Connecticut
second governor of Plymouth and author of "Of Plymouth Plantation"
William Bradford
Who founded the first colony to offer complete religious freedom in America?
Roger Williams
Name the unusal difference of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's charter.
Puritans were allowed to take charter with them and establish own government
Ole' Deluder Satan Act passed in 1647 in Massachusetts established what?
first public schools in America
the state of New York was first called
New Netherland
the proper name for the Quakers
Society of Friends
Dutch governor of New Netherland who was forced to surrender to English
Peter Stuyvesant
man responsible for establishing a settlement at Philadelphia
William Penn
Swedes who settled in Delaware were the first to build
log cabins
Count von Zinzendorf was the leader of
the Moravians
the origianl 13 colonies were eventually controlled by
Who lived with the Pilgrims and helped them to survive?
Lord Baltimore (George Calvert)is associated with which colony?
Savannah was the first settlement in _____.
John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and tobacco are all associated with the colony of ____.
James Olgethorpe planned and directed the building of which colony?
What colony did the Ark and the Dove bring colonists from England to?
House of Burgesses was the elected body in which colony?
England's first colony
Charlestown was the first permanent settlement in _____.
the Carolinas
Plantation farms are associated with which colonies?
the Carolinas
Which colony established religious freedom for the Catholics?
What were the years of the Great Awakening?
Connecticut-born preacher who was one of the first leaders in the Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards
English evangelist who preached in the colonies, sometimes to 20,000 people at once
George Whitfield
Phillis Wheatley is best known as America's first
black woman writer to have a book published
Be able to explain ideas spread during the Great Awakening led to a desire fro liberty and the War for Independence.
see p. 134, second column
Be able to find these peninsulas:
Alaska, Baja California, Florida, Labrador, Ungava, Yucatan