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record of mankind
Virginian who gained valuable military experience during the French and Indian War
George Washington
capital of Canada
first permanent English settlement in the New World
driest region in Wouth America
Indians who joined the Pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving
plain or hilly region within the Temperate Zone
the biggest canyon in the U.S. is the
Grand Canyon
Capital of Brazil
all 13 original colonies were eventually controlled by
"Remember the Maine"
Spanish-American War
the Zimmermann Note
World WarI
the bombing of Pearl Harbor
World war II
Battle of Gettysburg
Civil War
the Rough Riders
Spanish-American War
Emancipation Proclamation
Civil War
first use of atomic bombs
World War II
assassination of Archfuke Ferdinand
World War I
President during World War I
Woodrow Wilson
President during world War II
Franklin D. Roosevelt
commander of Allied Powers, later became President
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Chinese christian leader during World War II
Chiang Kai-shek
leader of Germany during World War I
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Nazi leader of Germany during World War II
Adolf Hitler
man who developed assembly line methos of production
Henry Ford
the Fascist leader of Italy during World War II
Benito Mussolini
"Angel of the battlefield"
Clara Barton
military leader of Japan during World War II
first black baseball player to play in major leagues
Jackie Robinson
Communist leader of Russia during World War II
Joseph Stalin
the emperor of Japan during World War II
black educator who served as special advisor on minority affairs to Franklin D. Roosevelt
Mary McLeod Bethune
black educator who founded Tuskegee Institute
Booke T. Washington
explorer who discovered the North Pole
Robert Peary
"Plant Genius" who found 285 uses for the peanut
George Washington Carver
America's most famous evangelist of the 19th century
Dwight L. Moody
"George Washington of South America"
Simon Bolivar
inventor of the lightbulb
Thomas Edison
inventor of the first liquid fuel rocket
Robert H. Goddard
inventor of mechanical reaper
Cyrus McCormick
one of the inventors of the airplane
Orville Wright
changed the way Americans spent their leisure time in 1950s
one of the world's ten most admired women of her time
Marian Anderson
legislation that guarantees voting, housing, and job rights for ethnic groups
1964 Civil Rights Act
black minister who was very active in the civil rights movement
Martin Luther King, Jr.
major mountain range in South America
President during the Cuban Missile Crisis
John F. Kennedy
most famous early South American Indian civilization
first President ever to resign from office
Richard Nixon
first woman justice was apointed to U.S. Supreme Court by
Ronald Reagan
Communist leader who agreed to a plan of "perestroika,"or"restructuring"
Mikhail Gorbachev
Operation Desert Storm was directed at what country
the world's largest tropical rainforest is where
Amazon River Basin
highest navigable lake in South America
Lake Titicaca