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ab brev i ate
v. to shorten by leaving out certain parts

abbreviation - n. the result of abbreviating

Mr. Smith is the accepted abbreviation for Mister Smith
ap pro pri ate
adj. suitable or right for the purpose
v. to set aside for a practical purpose

Congress appropriates money for various programs.
ex clude
v. to leave out; to keep from being a part of

The major leagues excluded black baseball players until 1947.
fanci ful
adj. 1) not based on reason; unrealistic 2) not real; imaginary

For Halloween the children dressed up as ghosts, goblins and other fanciful creatures.
fu tile
adj. certain to fail; hopeless or useless

Before giving up, we made several futile attempts to retrieve the car keys that had fallen into the lake.
N. a feeling of resentment
v. to be unwilling to give

grudging adj. done or said with reluctance

Everyone knew that such a grudging apology could not be sincere.
in spire
v. to fill with emotion or a great excitement

inspiration - n. the power to affect the mind; anything that has this effect.

The sight of leaves falling was the inspiration for this poem
ma jor ity
n. 1) The greater number or part; more than half 2) the amount by which one number of votes is greater than another

The vote was 97 to 91. A majority of 6
per sev ere
v. to refuse to give up dispite difficulties

Perserverance - n. continued efforts inspite of difficulties

With perservance, spendthrifts can overcome extravagance and stick to a budget.
pos sess
v. 1) to have or to own 2) to get power or control over

possession - n. 1) the fact of owning or holding 2) the thing that is held or owned

The immigrants arrived with all their possessions in a few suitcases.
pre' jud ice
n. any opinion or strong feeling formed without careful thought or regard to the facts v. to cause to have such a feeling

Prejudiced - adj having such a feeling

One cannot expect a fair verdict from a prejudiced judge.
res o lute
adj. determined not to give in; unyeilding

The shelter was resolute about finding a good home for the kittens.
v. to look down with scorn; to mock or insult by words or manner. n. a scornful look; a mocking or insulting remark

I didn't let my companion's sneers diminish my enjoyment of the local artists' exhibition.
u nan i mous
adj without any disagreement

unanimity - n. the conduction of being unanimous

The committee voted 12 to 0 in a rare display of unanimity.
un ru ly
adj. 1) badly behaved 2) hard to control

This hair spray maight help keep your unruly hair in place