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What is a "wilderness"?
A wild,empty land that
has not been settled.
Hudson Bay
Name item 1
Pacific Ocean
Name item 2
Atlantic Ocean
Name item 3
Canada (New France)
Name item 4
Missouri River
Name item 5
Mississippi River
Name item 6
Ohio River
Name item 7
Plymouth (Massachusetts)
The colony founded by the Pilgrims
far north of Jamestown.
Name item 8
Jamestown (Virginia)
First permanent English colony in America.
Name item 9
Roanoke (Virginia)
It was the first English colony
in America but it failed.
Name item 10
Name item 11
Gulf of Mexico
Name item 12
Caribbean Sea
(remember 1 r and 2 b's)
Name item 13
Rocky Mountains
Name item 14
What English queen gave Sir Walter Raleigh
permission to begin a colony in America?
Queen Elizabeth I
TRUE/FALSE (If the answer is false,
replace the capitalized word with the correct word)

_______ Queen Elizabeth I DID give Walter Raleigh permission to go to America.
The correct word to put in the blank is DIDN'T.
What was the name of the island
in America where Walter Raleigh
founded a colony?
What colony was called the Lost Colony
because its inhabitants were never found?
What was the part of the New World where
Roanoke was founded called? And, why?
It was named after Queen Elizabeth, the "Virgin Queen".
What kind of men did Walter Raleigh
send to begin a colony on Roanoke
Island the first time?
Men who were only interested in becoming
rich and returning to England.
What kind of people did Walter Raleigh
send to Roanoke the second time?
Families ... men, women, and children.
Who was the first English child born in America?
Virgina Dare
Who was the English ruler who wanted to
begin a successful colony in America
after Queen Elizabeth died?
King James I
What did the group of merchants
who planned to start a colony in Virginia
under King James call themselves?
the London Company
TRUE/FALSE (If the answer is false,
replace the capitalized word with the correct word)

_________ It was a really GOOD idea
to send wealthy gentlemen as part of
the London Company's plan to start
a colony in America.
the capitalized word GOOD should be changed to BAD.
Name the 3 English ships that
sailed into Chesapeake Bay in
1607 to start a new colony.
Susan Constant
What was the London Company's settlement
named (in honor of the king)?
What hard working man took control of
Jamestown in 1608 and made the rule
"He that does not work shall not eat"?
Captain John smith
TRUE/FALSE (If the answer is false,
replace the capitalized word with the correct word)

__________ POTATOES became the most
important money-making crop in Jamestown.
TOBACCO is the correct word, not POTATOES.
What 2 groups of people
together made up the Pilgrims?
Separatists and Strangers
In what year did the Separatists sail
for the New World?
What was the name of the ship the Separatists
used to sail to the New World?
the Mayflower
What surprise did the Pilgrims get
when they first sighted land in the New World?
They were far north of Jamestown
... off the coast of Massachusetts.
What was the name of the first written
agreement for self-government in America?
the Mayflower Compact
Who was the Pilgrims' minister?
Elder Brewster
What was the name of the wise soldier
the Pilgrims hired to guide them?
Captain Miles Standish
What was the name of the friendly Indian
who welcomed the Pilgrims to New England?
What Indian Chief made a treaty with
the Pilgrims that lasted until his death?
Chief Massasoit
What friendly Indian stayed with the
Pilgrims and taught them how to plant
their corn and farm better?
After Governor Carver died, who did
the Pilgrims elect as Governor?
How long did he lead the colony?
William Bradford led the colony for 36 years.
Who was the first governor of Plymouth?
John Carver
What is the name of the first successful
Spanish settlement in the New World?
St. Augustine
What is the name of the first successful
French settlement in the New World?
In what country is Quebec located?
What name did the French give to the part
of the New World where Quebec was founded?
New France
(now known as the country of Canada)
Who claimed North America for England?
What was the year?
John Cabot in 1497
What is "Of Plymouth Plantation"?
William Bradford's book that tells us
much of what we know about the Pilgrims.
Who learned the language of the Massachusetts
Indians and translated the Bible into their tongue?
John Eliot