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On the first day of Amy's vacation, she traveled 87 miles. On the second day she traveled 30 miles. How many more miles did she travel on the second day?
57 miles
Tracey wants to read a 68 page book before Christmas. She has already read 44 pages. How many more pages does she have left to read?
24 pages
Tonya uses a magnet to pick up paperclips. The first time she picks up 64 paper clips. The second time she picks up 31 paper clips. How many more paper clips does she pick up the first time?
33 paperclips
Andrea had 45 chapter books. She lent 20 of them to Anne. How many chapter books did Andrea have left?
25 chapter books
There are 56 third graders in Mrs. Smith's and Mr. Green's classes. If 30 of those third graders are in Mrs. Smith's class, how many are in Mr. Green's class?
26 third graders
Doyle wants to buy a comic book for 75 cents. He only has 34 cents right now. How much more money does Doyle need?
41 cents
There are 55 first and second graders at Treetop Elementary. If there are 32 first graders, how many second graders are there?
23 second graders
Cody saw 38 ducks on his walk to school. On his way home from school, he saw just 15 ducks. How many more did he see on his way home from school?
23 more ducks
Kyle wants to sell 65 candy bars for his school fundraiser. He has sold 21 so far. How many more does he need to sell?
44 candy bars
Jenna jumps rope 67 times on Monday. She jumps rope 44 times on Tuesday. How many more times does she jump on Monday?
23 more times
Steven and Amy have 78 chapter books. If Amy has 58 chapter books, how many does Steven have?
20 chapter books
Amanda had 55 barrettes. She gave 34 of them to her sister. How many barrettes does Amanda have left?
21 barrettes
Montinique wants to buy a balloon for 99 cents. She has only saved 26 cents so far. How much more money does Montinique need to save?
73 cents
Marissa wants to collect 37 Beanie Babies. She has collected 24 so far. How many more does she need to collect?
13 Beanie Babies
Ray and his aunt went apple picking. Together their apples weigh 55 pounds. Ray's apples weigh 33 pounds. How many pounds of apples does his aunt have?
22 pounds
Cassie has 68 inches of ribbon. She uses 12 inches for a bow. How many inches of ribbon are left?
56 inches
There are 26 chairs in Mrs. Smith's classroom. There are 38 students in Mrs. Smith's class. How many more chairs does Mrs. Smith need?
12 more chairs