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Water in a puddle after a rain dries up. What has happened to the water?
The water has evaporated
The size, shape, and color of an object are called its:
What are the properties of a solid?
A solid has mass, takes up space, has volume, and has its own shape.
Name the three states of matter.
solid, liquid, and gas
What happens to an ice cube when it is left at room temperature?
It melts and becomes a liquid.
What are the properties of a gas?
A gas has mass and volume and it does not have its own shape. It tries to fill all parts of its container.
When water evaporates what form of matter does it take?
gas (wate vapor)
When liquid water freezes it becomes a _______.
If you put all the water in a tall thin glass into a fat glass does the total amount of water change.
What are the properties of a liquid?
A liquid has mass, takes up space, has volume, and takes the shape of its container.