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King John was a monarch in this country....
This was the meadow where John was forced to give up some powers as king.....
This group of people was most upset with King John's conduct...
English nobles
This document limited the powers of the English monarch....
The Magna Carta
The English translation of "Magna Carta" is....
Great Charter
This document guaranteed the rights of English nobles...
Well....the Magna Carta
Can you explain how Gutenberg's invention helped education throughout Europe?
Wow, what a great question that I could write many sentences about!!!!
This was the "famous" nephew of King John....
The person with this title is considered the head of the Roman Catholic Church....
Another name for the Middle Ages...
Dark Ages or Medieval Period
Name the building where monks lived......
Well, then, where did the nuns live?
A Medieval term for a large farm or estate?
A modern-day term for proper conduct in history class....
The fuedal manor depended on this for it's economic success...
What old English document contains some ideas that ended up in our government...
The Great Charter
What are the Middle Ages in the middle of?
Ancient times and modern times
Who did most peasants work for:
King of the Castle
Monarch of the Land
Knight of the Tables
Lord of the Manor
Vassal of the Tassal
Lord of the Manor
Who fought whom in the Crusades.....
Christians (of Europe) and Muslims
Identify the location of the Crusades....
Holy Land (Middle East)
This is the religion of Muslims...
The loose form of Medieval government had this name...
This was the Medieval term for "slaves"...
Name the land a king gave a vassal in exchange for military service.....
This member of the clergy was in charge of all churches within a certain area....
the bishop
Peasants fell into 2 categories,; they were......
serfs or freemem
Name 3 structures that helped protect the Medieval castles....
moat, heavy wooden door, heavy metal gate in front of the door, thick stone walls,narrow windows
Define "guild"...
an organization of people inthe same business
The population of the typical manor village....
between 50 and 500 people
Besides working for the lord of the manor, serfs also had to provide________to him.
gifts (at certain times of the year)
Who were the members of the town council?
Representatives from the many guilds
Name the 3 most famous of the Renaissance artists.....
da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo
In which building was grain ground into flour?
grain mill
True or false....the Magna Carta declared that all peasants were to be free....
Literature from which ancient civilizations was re-discovered in the 1300's.....
Ancient Rome and Greece
How much do you know about the Protestant Reformation?
Enough to write a fabulous essay answer?
This pope called for the First Crusade....
Pope Urban II
Which man from which country was the first to use moveable type for printing?
Johann Gutenberg from Germany
Who helped Gutenberg with his invention?
The first book Gutenberg printed.....
The Bible
This term means "war for the cross"...
Name King John's brother who led the 3rd Crusade...
Richard the Lion Heart
Martin Luther claimed the most important Christian authority was.....
the Bible
Who was friendlier with Thomas More at the end if his life.....King Henry VIII or Erasmus....
Erasmus.....Henry had him beheaded
This was the English monarch during the Golden Age of England.....
Queen Elizabeth