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When news of Columbus's discovery reached Europe, most people thought that
the Americas were islands near Asia
What name did Cartier give to the area he explored?
New France
The name "Canada" comes from an Indian word for
Which cartographer first used the names: "North America" and "South America"?
Gerardus Mercator
An area that shares a common feature is called a
The term "Anglo-America" refers to an area with
British heritage
The name "Latin America" comes from
the language of the Roman Empire
Why does Latin America have an Iberian heritage?
the colonists came from Portugal & Spain
The treeless ground in northern Canada is called
The horseshoe-shaped region that stretches south from the Arctic Ocean is
the Canadian Shield
What is the world's largest chain of lakes?
the Great Lakes
How many seasons do the tropics usually have?
Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean form a region called
Middle America
What is the longest chain of mountains in the world?
the Andes
Most of the Amazon Basin is covered by
rain forest
What is the longest river in the Americas?
the Amazon
The Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn form the border of the
tropic zone
What is a level area raised above the surrounding land?
a plateau
Cold areas near the North and South Poles are called the
frigid zone
The Americas were named after