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Mexico's continent
North America
The 2 areas that border the Mexican Plateau
Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental
The 1917 Mexican Constitution granted permission to the government to take _______away from citizens.
To what zone in Mexico does Tierra fria refer?
the cold zone
Most of Mexico has this type of climate....
dry climate
From which country did Mexico become independent?
After gaining idependence, Mexico's government was often overthrown by this group....
the military
Who became the dictator after leading a revolt against Iturbide?
Santa Anna
Describe Santa Anna's feeling about Texas wanting independence...
He was so strongly opposed to the idea that he fought a war with Texas.
Which country took over nearly half of Mexico's land as a result of war?
The United States
Name the treaty that ended the war between Mexico and the U.S.
Treaty of Guadelupe
What was La Reforma?
When Benito Juarez tried to give Mexicans more freedom and a better life
This group opposed Benito Juarez...
the military leaders
Which nation put Maximilian incharge of Mexico?
This was the name of the police force organized by Porforio Diaz.....
What policy did Porforio Diaz use to reward and punish people?
"Bread or the Club"
Who led the revolution of poor people against Madero?
What was the solution that Francisco Madero had for the trouble in Mexico under Diaz?
He favored democracy
Where, in Mexico, are the volcanoes located?
in southern Mexico
Term for people who lived and worked on the haciendas....
Define "ejidos"....
land given to an entire village
When President Cardenas was in power, what became of foreign owned oil fields?
The Mexican governement took over the fields from those foreign countries
The term when a government takes over property of foreign investors....
Poncho Villa was a:
Resort town
Spanish king
Be sure you know the details of the rule of Porforio Diaz...
this is one of your essay topics
Be sure that you know about the changes that resulted from the 1911-1920 revolution..
this is one of your essay topics
On which side of Mexico is the Yucatan Peninsula?
the eastern side
What do the Mexicans call the Gulf of California?
Sea of Cortes
This river forms the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico...
Rio Grande
These countries border Mexico on the south...
Guatemala; Belize
Most people in Mexico live in the"
Mexico's capital city....
Mexico City
Mexico's major religion....
What 2 elements do climographs show?
precipitaton and temperature