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Name the 4 Middle Colonies
New York
New Jersey
From which 2 continents did most Middle Colony settlers come?
Europe and Africa
Across which ocean did the settlers travel to arrive in the Middle Colonies?
Atlantic Ocean
The nickname for the Middle Colonies....
Bread Colonies
What was the most important effect the settlers had on the Indians in the Middle Colonies?
Settlers took the land from the Indians
define cultural borrowing
exchange of ideas, languages, customs, and ways of doing things among different groups of people
The Quaker who started the largest of the Middle Colonies....
William Penn
Which nation first settled what is now New York?
Name the Indians League made up of several tribes
The Iroquois League
Who took and renamed New Netherlands?
Duke of York
Define tributary
a small stream that flows into a larger river
Describe William Penn's treatment of the Indians....
He was fair and respected their land and their rights
Most Middle Colony children were educated here.....
at home
The term for someone who agreed to work for several years in exchange for passage to America...
indentured servant
Was Pennsylvania considered tolerant or intolerant/
Most Middle Colony people had this job...
This river forms the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania....
Delaware River
Why did Pennsylvania want Delaware so badly?
to have direct access to the ocean
Name the largest city in the the Middle Colonies by the middle of the 18th century....
Which was George Cateret's colony?
New Jersey
Name 3 large rivers in the Middle Colonies....
Susquehanna, Delaware, Hudson
What is a gristmill?
a place where grain is ground into flour
Name the capital of New York today...
the term for a barrel maker...
What is a hornbook used for....
teaching/learning the alphabet
What is the capital of New Jersey today?
Delaware's capital?
Define pacifist....
someone who opposes war and loves peace
Name the Middle Colonies that border Maryland....
Pennsylvania and Delaware
Where the summers in the Middle Colonies longer or shorter than the summers in the Southern Colonies?
How many fewer Middle Colonies were there than Southern Colonies?
one fewer
William Penn lived in the 15th, 17th, or 19th century
Most Quakers were for or against slavery (choose one)
Is Comfrey an Indian, a plant, or an animal?