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Indian who taught farming to the Pilgrims
He founded the colony of Connecticut
Thomas Hooker
Founded the colony of Rhode Island
Roger Williams
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
To establish rules for the Puritans (Pilgrims) and strangers
The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony...
John Winthrop
This building was usually at the center of a New England village...
Meeting house
The Pilgrims intended to sail to which colony?
In Colonial New England, did most people enjoy a great deal of privacy or little privacy?
Little privacy
What is "direct democracy"?
Letting everyone in a community vote on an important issue.
The Pilgrims founded Plymouth...what was the first settlement of the Puritans who were not Pilgrims?
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Name the woman banished from Massachusetts for questioning the wisdom of the ministers
Anne Hutchinson
Describe the New England summer and winter...
Short, cool summers, long, cold, snowy winters.
What other term was used to refer to the Puritan Pilgrims?
Which side lost badly in King Philip's War?
The Indians
What was the main teaching tool for reading?
The primer
What celebration was held to show gratitude to the Wampanoags?
Three day Thanksgiving.
What school was started to train ministers?
What was the purpose of the Halfway Covenant?
To increase church membership
Name the four New England Colonies....
Mass. Conn. NH RI
The main reason the Puritans left England....
To be able to purify the Church of England
From what country were the Puritans?
What was "King Philip" king of?
The Wampanoag Indians
The Pilgrims and Puritans settled in the New World in which century?
17th century
Children and grandchildren of the Puritans were or were not eager to join the church....
were not eager to join
Where did Hutchinson hold her meetings that got her into trouble?
In her own house
When Hutchinson was forced flee Mass., to which colony did she go?
Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson knew very little about the Bible or knew a lot about the Bible...
knew a lot about the Bible
Who said of the rule about church members voting in Mass., that it "stinks in God's nostrils"
Roger Williams
Squanto has been to which country in Europe?
It seems that most New Englanders were healthy or in poor health...
In good health
This term means a person who learns a trade from some else without pay, but gets room and board.
At what age were Puritan children expected to act like adults?
6 or 7
What book did most Puritan families want their children to be able to read?
The Bible
How many people in Salem were hanged for practicing witchcraft?
19 people
What is the term for land available for use by all people of a village or town
What kind of fish was very important to New England trade?
cod fish
Another word for representative
Where was the Mayflower Compact written and signed?
On the ship, Mayflower