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"Renaissance" means this....
The Renaissance began here...
Northern Italy
This survived the Middle Ages as the official language of the Catholic Church....
This city was known as the "Jewel of the Renaissance"...
Florence, Italy
Christopher Columbus and Nicolaus Copernicus were both alive during the Renaissance...T/F
The years of the Renaissance....
The years of the Renaissance....
Northern cities prospered during the Middle Ages more than the rest of Western Europe because....
....of the thriving trade and manufacturing that continued there.
It was this group of Italians who fueled the development of the Renaissance...
the wealthy merchant class...who supported education and culture
This Italian family, more than any other, supported the Renaissance humanists...
The Medici Family
This member of the Medici Family was the best known...
This term refers to those who provided financial support to the Renaissance humanists....
Renaissance humanists renewed the interest in literature, art and architecture of these 2 previous civilizations...
Greece and Rome
This Italian compiled a library of ancient Roman and Greek literature...
Francesco Petrarch
These religious leaders were among the patrons of the Renaissance humanists....
T/ unwritten rule among the Renaissance artists was that no religious themes were to be portrayed...
this Renaissance sculptor created the first life-size mounted horseman since ancient times....
this Renaissance sculptor created the first life-size mounted horseman since ancient times....
These were three reasons Renaissance artists were able to make their paintings seem more realistic than artwork of previous eras...
shading, perspective, study of human anatomy
This man probably embodied the characteristics of the Renaissance humanists more than any other.....
Da Vinci
Match these artists with their works:

Da Vinci David
Michelangelo Mona Lisa
Raphael School of Athens
Da Vinci....Mona Lisa
Raphael..School of Athens
The woman artist mentioned in the chapter...
Sofonisba Anguissola
He designed the dome of St. Peter's Church in Rome...
Who wrote about the well-educated, well-mannered aristocrats in The Book of the Courtier?
Baldassare Castiglione
He wrote that "outer beauty is the true sign of inner goodness"....
He wrote The Prince, and urged political leaders to use any means possible to lead and control the people...
Niccolo Machiavelli
This term refers to the sun being the center
He was the "German Leonardo"
Albrecht Durer
Which invention led to more widespread literacy and more people losing confidence in the set up of the Catholic Church?
the printing press
He invented the printing press while living in tis country...
Johann Gutenberg in Germany
This was Martin Luther's biggest complaint about theCatholic Church ( a specific form of corruption)
selling indulgences
Who suggested the idea that the Earth travels around the sun?
Which modern day countries make the area known as Flanders?
France, Belgium, Netherlands
Who was the towering literary figure of Renaissance England?
Wm Shakespeare
This means to disavow your own views...
This king moved sped up the REformation by establishing his own church...
Henry VIII
The name of Henry VIII's new church....
Church of England (Anglican Church)
This man preached "pre-destination" in his version of a Protestant religion...
John Calvin
French Protestants were known as.....
Scottish Protestants were known as....
Followers of Martin Luther were known as.....
Followers of John Calvin were known as...
The artists who developed oil paint...
van Eyck brothers
The author of "Don Quixote"
Miguel Cervantes
The author of "The Praise of Folly"...
D. Erasmus
How many Theses did Luther post on the church door?
Martin Luther was called before a group of princes and scolded like a little girl....this meeting was called....
Diet of Worms
This priest irritated the hell out of Martin Luther...
Johann Tetzel
Name 2 things Tetzel and Gutenberg had in common
both named Johann, both from Germany
She was the Protestant daughter of Henry VIII
The only son of Henry VIII