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Highest goal is obtaining Moksa AKA non-violence. also hlds the values of truth, nonstealing, celibacy and nonpossession.
The goal is to have good Karma. keep making mistakes it becomes easier to repeat the mistake until you learn.
A man committed to truth is non-violent. Be and act in harmony with your real life. Truth is the utmost importance.
Peace is th eunity of all existance. The human must be at peace with consciousness. themself. A true muslim seeks the will of god in their individiual. Emphasizes passion and love to all human beings.
His belief in nonviolence came from a Christian basis. Anything that is unjust, including war, must not be entered into for his moral conscious will not allow it.
Gandhi led India in being partititioned from the British. He did it without supporting violent action. Gandhi's philosophy held that if someone was doing something wrong you should not do wrong back, but should show them of their wrongs. The main way he did this was through what he called Satayagraha.
Soul-force, soul truth: requires clear adherence to goals of love.Truth in thought, speech and action. Satayagraha was professed greatly by Gandhi.
Led by Dr. King after rosa parks was forced to the back of the bus. As a nonviolent statement a boycott was led to not ride the bus as long as the injustice continued. It worked and resulted ultimately in the desegregation of buses.
Montgomery bus boycott
Words of Dr. King in the Birmingham jail.
An Unjust law is no law at all, justice too long delayed is justice denied.
The problem was not that there was not a miltary to defeat the Nazis, for there was. The problem was people went along with the Nazis without objection. resisting our government in moral times is the lesson.
The Holocaust and pacifism
Removal of incentive to invasion, unarmed defense
The Pacifist proposal
1.War must be the last resort

2.Legitimate Authority-Must be declared by the appropriate authority

3.The right intentions and a just cause-excludes personal self defense

4.The chance of success

5.The goal must be peace
Just War Theory
Soft, hard and principle bargaining
Three ways of negotiating
You give in to the other in order to sustain the relationship
Soft negotiating
You have strong demands and will not give in seeing the other side as completely wrong
Hard negotiating
Analysis, planning, and discussion
Principle bargaining