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Tropical Moist
Near equator; ITCZ dominates; Includes monsoon climates; Vegetation: Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Wet/Dry
Occurs at margin between ITCZ and Subtropical High; Low sun season - hot and dry (dominated by STH); High sun season- hot and wet (touched by ITCZ); Vegetation: Tropical Savanna
Occurs between moist and very dry climates; Caused either by STH or rainshadow effect; Vegetation: Brushland, Scrubland
Very Dry; Occurs where very little moisture is in the air; Dominated by STH year-round; Vegetation: Succulents (cactus) or none
West coast, poleward of subtropics; High sun season- warm and dry (STH); Low sun season- cool and moist (Westerlies); Vegetation - Woodland, Savanna
Humid Subtropical
East coast; poleward ofsubtropics; High sun season-warm, moist air; Low sun season- affected by continental polar air
West coast, poleward of Mediterranean, Maritime polar air year-round (mild and moist); Mild winters for latitude
Humid Continental
Many different air masses (Maritime Tropical, Continental Polar, and Maritime Polar); High seasonality-warm summers, cold winters; Precipitation decreases northward and westward
High latitudes, Polar air most of year; Has short relatively warm summers (Westerlies)
Occurs at very high latitudes; Vegetation- Lichens, Mosses, no Trees
Chart showing the average monthly temperature and precipitation for a weather station.