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Members of the house serve a term of
two years
Members of the senate serve a term of
six years
What national offices were originally elected by the state legislatures
U.S. Senate
According to the Constitution, who has the power to declare war
The Congress
What provides the best constitutional basis for the expansion of congressional powers beyond those which are specifically listed in the Constitution
the necessary and proper clause
According to the constitution, Article I, section 3., who has the sole power to try all impeachments
the U.S. Senate
The specific grounds for impeachment, as listed in the Constitution, are
treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors
what presidents have been impeached by the House
Johnson and clinton
After a president appoints Supreme Court Justices, they must be approved in order to take office
by the Senate
When a member of Congress (or his/her staff) intervenes on behalf of a constituent to attempt to resolve a problem with the executive branch bureaucracy, this is best known as
Legislators who view their representatives role as a "trustee" are most likely
to do what they ( the representative) perceive is best by following their own judgment.
Legislators who view their representative role as a "delegate" are most likely to
follow their constituents' wishes closely
Legislators who view their representative role as "politico" are most likely to
follow both the delegate and trustee views of representation
According to the authors, on an issue of great concern to their constituents, representatives will most likely vote as
The most powerful position in the House is
the speaker
When comparing the leadership positions of the two houses of Congress, which office is considered to be the most powerful position overall in it's day to day operations?
The presiding officer of the Senate
Ceremony and symbolism aside, in it's daily operations, which is the most powerful position in the U.S. Senate
the majority leader
Where is most of the actual detail work of legislating conducted
standing committees
The complexity of the procedure for enacting a law gives the advantage to a bill's
executive and legislative branch opponents
If a Senate wanted to stop a filibuster on the floor, what is necessary
If a senator wanted to block a bill, he/she would most likely use what tatics
When a bill passes the House and Senate in substantially different forms, the differences are resolved in
a conference committee
A bill is passed to the president for action. Congress goes out of session on the seventh day. On the tenth day, Congress is still out of session, and the president has not signed or vetoed the bill. what has happened to the bill?
It has become pocket vetoed
a bill is passed to the president for action. Ten days later, Congress is still in session (has not adjourned) and the president has not signed or vetoed the bill. What happens to the bill
it becomes law
When taken, which of the following actions by the president leaves the Congress with the least possibility of a bill becoming law
pocket veto
The War Powers Act of 1973, taken as a whole, is be understood to a limitation upon
the President's war powers
Prior to an amendments, under the Constitution, the president's term of office was
for a period of four years, without limit on the number of terms a president may serve
According to the Constitution, the term impeachment refers to
the actual bringing of charges against a public official requiring a simple majority vote of the House of Representative
According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, who would succeed the president if you had a circumstance where both the president and vice president died simultaneously
The Speaker of The House
Should a vacancy occur in the office of the vice president, the Twenty-fifth amendment directs the
President to appoint a new vice president, subject to confirmation by the Congress
Which body has the authority to give consent to a president's appointments such as ambassador or judge
Under the constitution and precedent, who has the power to make treaties?
the president
Should a president want to enter into a secret and highly sensitive arrangement with a foreign nation, and not want to seek senate approval, he should
enter into an executive agreement with that nation
Presidential vetoes
may be overridden by the Congress with a two-thirds vote majority.
The War Powers Act of 1973, when taken as a whole is best understood to be a limitation upon
the presidents war powers
On constitutionally proper way the president may check the power of the federal judiciary is by
granting pardons for convicted defendants
Powers of the president that can be derived or inferred from specific powers in the Constitution are best known as
inherent powers