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What is a democracy?
A political community where popular soveriegnty (people rule), political equality and liberty all exist.
What provides an appropriate beginning point to begin to understand and evaluate political system?
What are the two types of Democracy?
Direct and Indirect
What are the characteristics of Democracy?
1)Majority Rule (50%+1)
2)Minority Rights
3)Individual rights
4)Equality under the law
What is a plurality?
Recieves the most votes, but is not a majority.
What is minority rights?
Protection from a tyrannical majority.
What is individual rights?
Our Civil Liberties
Where are the individual rights found?
Bill of Rights
What are civil liberties?
Our legally protected freedoms to act or not to act and to be protected from unwarranted govt intrusion.
What is equality under the law?
Civil Rights
What are Civil Rights?
Governmental responsibilities that guarantees that all citizens can participate in American Democratic life.
What is Direct Democracy?
We the people directly determine what the government does.
What is Indirect Democracy?
We the people elect candidates to represent our opinnions in the govt.
What did Harold Laswell define politics?
Who gets what, when and how.
What did David Easton define politics?
Authorative allocation of values
What is the definition of politics?
A moral process that attempts to reconcile social and economic differences in society.
What is politics used for?
It is a mechanism used to reach a compromise when there is no single acceptable solution.
What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 do?
Eliminate racial discrimination barrier on voting.
What is a minimalist state views on collective goods?
Too large and too inefficient and should only produce goods and services all individuals can not provide for themselves. Take a restrictive role.
What is Jim Crow laws?
An official law requiring segregation of races.
What are the two types of Jim Crow laws?
De Jure and De Facto
What is dejure segregation?
Official and public laws
What is defacto segregation?
private forms of segregation
What is the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
The most comprehensive anti discrimination legislation ever enacted by Congress to eliminate all forms of segregation in public accomdations.
What is popular soverignty?
Where the people rule
What is public policy?
the decision, commitment, and actions taken by a goverment.
Public policy is simply?
What the govt chooses to do or not to do
What are purposes of Public Policy?
Regulate, protect, encourage and assist
What is national deficit?
what is spent vs. what is brought in
What is foriegn policy?
Policy that directly impacts our relationship with other countries.
What is domestic policy?
Policy that directly effects individuals living in a country.
What is national debt?
Total outstanding amount owed including deficit
The constitution established what five principles?
Popular Soveriegnty, republican form of govt, limited government, separation of powers, a federal system
Where was the constitutional convention held?
Who was invited/attended the constitutional convention?
74 delegates from 13 colonies
55 showed up, no more than 30 at any meeting.
Who attended every constitutional convention?
James Madison
What makes up the constitution?
Pre-Amble, 7 Articles and 27 ammendments
What is judicial review?
Authority of court to declare legislative/executive acts unconstitutional.