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made up of a body of people who live in a certain territory with a government over the people in the. territory.
the power to govern the people living in a nation-state.
form of government in which power is held by the central government
unitary government
form of government in which power is shared by a national government and state or regional governments
federal government
principle of government in which the power of government is shared between the national and state or regional governments
alliance of separate and independent states
confederate government
forms of democracy in which the majority vote of all citizens makes the laws governing them
direct democracy
all practices by which the people of a country carry out their political activities and achieve their goals of government
politicak system
form of governmnent in which political power is held by the people.
form of democracy in which elected representatives run the business of government
representative democracy
form of representative democracy in which the lawmaking and law enacting branches of government overlap.
parliamentary democracy
form of representiaive democracy in which the lawmaking and law enacting branches of government are seperate.
presidential democracy
form of government headed by a single leader who generally has inherited his title
form of government in which absolute power is held by one individual or a small group
belief that government should control all groups and individual behavior to promote the good of the state
political philosophy that exalts nation and race above the individual
totalitarian system of government in which the state controls in large measure the economic and social life of the society
all the ways in which people's material needs are met, through production, distrubytion, exchange of goods and services.
economic system
economic system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods and services are privately owned
policy based on a minimum of government interference in business
laissez faire
economic system in which government owns or controls some of the means of production and determines the distribution of some of the output