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straw polls
Originally, a small, informal opinion survey. Today, a straw poll is generally a large-scale, scientifically determined public opinion survey based on a random sample of the population. Straw polls are commonly used to test public opinion of candidates running for office.
scientific polling
a means of finding out about public opinion through the use of scientific methodology and mathematical probability
political socialization
The process by which people form political opinions; it is influenced by group membership, social categories, and historical events and political issues.

From one generation to the other
public opinion
The range of opinion expressed by citizens on any subject.
political opinion
attitudes expressed by members of a particular community on political issues.
features of political opinions
intensity, concentration, stability, distribution, and salience (importance or relevance)
how strongly an opinion is held. varies according to the individual.
they can be concentrated in a small area or widely distributed
when the intensity and concentration of a given political opinion are fairly constant over a long period of time
held by a small or large number of people
refers to the importance of relevance of an issue to a person or group.
tracking poll
a form of polling that interviews as many as a thousand persons on a daily basis in the week immediately preceding an election.
exit poll
a form of public opinion polling in which sample voters are interviewed in front of polling places on election day to determine how they actually voted.
yellow journalism
a form of tabloid journalism that seeks to increase sales by printing stories about sex, violence, and other sensational subjects rather than by reporting facts and information.