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Constitutional Powers (formal)
command military, appoint ambassadors, appoint cabinet heads, appoint judges, issues pardons, make treaties, carry out laws
Informal powers
-Tradition (2 term limit)
-Crisis (9/11)
-Public Support (reporters leak info to get support)
-Executive Privelege
Limits on Power
-Congress ( War Powers Act, Vetos)
-Courts (reveiw what Prz does & can rule actions uncon.)
-Bureaucracy (support from businesses)
-Public opinion
Roles of the president
Head of State, Cheif executive, Cheif Legislator, Economic Planner, Party Leader, Cheif Diplomat, Commander in Cheif
Head of State
ceremonial things (go to banquets, Veteran's day puts wreath up, t-ball on white house lawn, lights nat'l xmas tree, throws 1st pitch of baseball season)
Chief Executive
makes sure laws are executed or carried out (appoints judges to make sure laws are carried out, can pardon ppl)
Chief Legislator
makes laws and gets them passed (vetos on laws, presents laws to Congress)
Economic Planner
anything economic (freeze gas prices, anything to help inflation or unemployment [state of union address], trade)
Party Leader
leads Republican party & is the highest ranking republican (fund raises, support other repub. candidates, loans out popularity through support)
Chief Diplomat
anything dealing with foreign affairs (appointing ambassadors, making treaties)
Commander in Chief
anything to do w/ military (calling out nat'l guard to help w/ hurricanes, sending out troops, war decisions)