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business organization
an economic interest group, such as a trade association (eg: Texas Association of Builders) that lobbies for policies favoring Texas business
decentralized government
Decentralization is achieved by dividing power between national and state governments and separating legislative, executive and judicial branches at both levels
economic interest group
trade associations and labor unions are classified as economic interest groups, because they are organized to promote policies that will maximize profits and wages
Campaigning actively on behalf of a candidate; the total efforts made to win an election
group leadership - Leaders of groups tend to have financial resources that permit them to contribute money and devote time to group affairs
group leadership
Leaders of groups tend to have financial resources that permit them to contribute money and devote time to group affairs
interest group
An organization that seeks to influence government officials and their policies on behalf of members sharing common views and objectives (eg: labor union or trade association)
interest group techniques
These techniques are lobbying, personal communication, favors and gifts, grassroot activites, electioneering, campaign financing by PACs, and sometimes bribery and unethical practices
labor organization
A union that supports public policies designed to increase wages, obtain adequate health insurance coverage, provide unemployment insurance, promote safe working conditions and otherwise protect the interests of workers
Communication with legislators or other government officials on behalf of an interest group or a corporation for the purpose of influencing the decision-making process
organizational pattern
Decentralization is the patter n of organization for some interest groups (eg: the AFL-CIO with many local and statewide unions), whereas others are centralized (eg: the NRA, which is a national body without affiliated local or regional units).
political action committee

An organizational device used by corporations, labor unions, and other organizations to raise money for campaign contributions
political influence of interest groups
This is a highly variable factor that depends largely on the size of a group's membership, financial resources, quality of leadership and degree of unity
power group
An effective interst group that is strongly linked with legislators and bureaucrats for the purpose of influencing decision making and that has a continuing presence in Austin as a "repeat player" from session to session
professional group
An organization of physicians, lawyers, accountants or other professional people that libbies for policies beneficial to members
public interest group
An organization claiming to represent a broad public interest (environmental, consumer, civil rights) rather than a narrow private interest.
public officer and employee group
An organization of city managers, county judges or other public employees or officials that lobbies for public policis that protect group interests
racial and ethnic groups
Organizations like the NAACP and the League of United Latin American Citizens, which seek to influence government decisions affecting African Americans and Latinos, respectively
religious-based group
A group like the Christian Coalition or the Texas Faith Network that lobbies for policies promoting its religious interests
right of association
The US Supreme Court has ruled that this right is part of the right of assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and that it protects the right of people to organize into groups for political purposes
social interest group
Included among groups that are concerned primarily with social issues are organizations in the areas of civil rights, racial and ethnic matters, religion and public interest protection
Texas Ethics Commission
Enforces state standards for lobbyists and public officials, including registration of lobbyists and reporting of political campaign contributions
women's organization
A women's group, such as the League of Women Voters, that engages in lobbying and educational activities to promote greater political participation by women and others