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states purpose of the constitution
Power in the United States government is divided into
3 branches - Executive, Legislative and Judicial
How many articles are in the constitution
How do Respresentatives to congress get elected
according to the state population
How many respresentatives are in congress
How many senators come from each state
How many senators are in congress
What are the roles of the President?
1. Commander and Chief
2. Speaker of the House
3. chief diplomat
Congress is divided into
two brances - House of Representative and the Senate
In 1776, thomas Jefferson wrote the Declararion Independence. What was the main purpose for wtiting it?
to help the colonies break away from England
How many amendments are in the Constitution?
27 - twenty seven
According to the U.S. constitution, what is the basic source of the government's authority
the people of the United States
Which of the following is most important for a successful democracy?
well-informed citizens
In a democratic republic such as the United States, where do government officials get their authority?
their elections by citizens
U. S. Senators are elected for...
6 years
Members of house of representatives are elected for
4 years
What would someome who supports a democratic government most favor?
a society in which citizens freely elect their leaders
The power to delcare war belongs to the...
What is the main responsibility of the congress?
makes the laws
Which branch of Ohio's government is responsible for making laws?
Ohio General Assembly
Who has responsibilities most similar to those of the Governor of Ohio?
the President of the U.S.
What is the main responsibility of the judicial branch of government?
interprets the laws
How many futices are on the Supreme court?
How long is ther term of a spreme Court Justice?
the first ten amendments of the constitution are called...
Bill of Rights
What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights to the U. S. constitution?
to protect the basic rights of of individuals
In the U.S., what guarantees the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly of all citizens?
the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Which government official has all of these characteristics?
1. Elected for four-year term
2. Commander and chief of armed forces (military)
3. Enforces laws passed by congress
President of the U.s.
Which of the following responsibilities belongs in the group below?
1. Obey the laws
2. Vote in the elections
3. Register for the military
pay taxes
"The people of the U.S. do not make their own laws. The officials they elect do." What does the quoation describe?
a democratic republic
Name two ways someone can become a citizen.
1. Someone can become a citizen by being born in the United States or learning the laws of the U.S.
Right-freedom of religion-anyone can worship as they please
responsibilty-entering the military to defend the freedom in a democracy