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What is the powers given to each of the branches?
seperation of powers
What makes sure one branch doesn't misuse one power?
checks and balances
What does ratify mean?
to approve
What does amend mean?
to make changes
What is one over half (larger group)?
What is less than half (smaller group)?
What are the two houses that make up Congress?
-house of representatives
Where does the Congress meet?
capitol building in Washington D.C.
What is it to accuse an official of some wrongdoing or misuse of power?
What is the count of the people? How often does this occur?
-every 10 yearts
What are the three qualifications to be a representative?
1.must be at least 25 citizen of U.S. for at least 7 years in state from which he/she is elected
What is the title of the presiding officer of the house?
speaker of the house
Who is currently the speaker of the house?
Nancy Pelosi
What does the house do to begin the impeachment process?
by accusing the official of a wrongdoing
How many reps. are therein the House of Reps.?
How long is a representative's term?
2 years
How many senators are there? How many does each state get?
What is the term of a senator?
6 years
What are the three requirements to be a senator?
1.30 years old
2.citizen of U.S. for at least 9 years in state they represent
What are the titles of the presiding officers of the Senate?
-Vice President
-President Pro Tempore
What does the senate do in the impeachment process?
acts as the jury
What is a bill attainder?
When the gov't punishes someone w/o trial (illegal)
What is the rejection of a bill?
What is 2/3 of Senate and House of Reps. approve bill that Pre. vetoed?
Where can the bills be introduced?
House of Reps. or Senate
Where are money bills introduced?
House of Reps.
If a bill is approved by the house of Reps. where does it go next?
If a president vetoes a bill then what happens?
Goes back to where it started (Senate or House of Reps.)
What fraction of the reps. and senators must agree to override the president's veto?
Each must have at least 2/3
What happens to the bill if the veto is not overridden?
it dies
What does "habeas corpus" mean?
You shall have the body
What is an ex post facto law?
It punishes ppl for a crime that wasn't a crime when they did it. (it's forbidden)
What are the powers that are given to the national gov't in Washington D.C.?
What are the powers that are shared between the national and state gov'ts?
What are the powers that only the states have?
What is the title of the chief executive?
What is the title of second in command?
Vice President
What is the job of the Electoral College and how many does IA have?
IA-7 (5 reps. and 2 senators)
official vote-elect president
-whoever wins most becomes pre.
Who chooses the president in the event of a tie?
House of Reps.
What are the 3 requirements to being the President?
1.must be 35 yrs. old
2.must be U.S. citizen (natural born)
3.must live in U.S. for 14 yrs.
What is the order of succession if the president dies?
1.Vice President
2.Speaker of the House
3.Pre. Pro Tempore
When is the Pre. inaugurated?
Jan. 20th
What are 4 powers that the president has?
-commander in chief (make decision of army)
-chief executive (make sure everyone's doing their jobs)
-chief of state (hosts foreign ppl)
-chief legislature(can approve, veto, and make up laws)
What five groups make up the executive branch? Give an example of each.
2.Cabinet (14)
3.Independent Agencies (CIA, NASA)
4.Gov't Corporation (postal service)
5.Regulation Agencies (FCC)
What are some benefits to being the president?
-personal chef
-own vacation spot (Camp David)
-personal staff (cabinets)
-nice house "white house"
-get air force one
-retirement fund
How many presidents have been removed from office by being found quilty after an impeachment process?
What is the job of the judicial branch?
make sure all court decisions and laws are constitutional
What is the name of the highest court in the U.S.?
Supreme Court
How many serve on the high court? How long do they serve?
9; for life or until retirement
Who was the oldest?
Who appoints the Supreme Court jugdes? Who approves them?
Pre.; Senate
What does it mean when a judge rules a law unconstitutional?
it goes against rites given to us about the constitution
What are two famous Supreme Court cases?
-Roe vs. Wade (abortion)
-Brown vs. Board of Education (desegregation)