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Prevent Privatization of Social Security
Invest in Stem Cell research
Belief that decisions should be made at the local level
Green Party
Permanent Tax cuts
Pro-Campaign Finance Reform
ALL Parties
Pro- Choice
Democrat and Green
Increase Defense Spending
Fight for Homeland Security
Republican and Democrat
Secure Borders
Restrain spending by the federal government
Pro-Nuclear power
Want to end "un-fair" distribution of wealth and income
Keep troops in Iraq
Pro-outsourcing of jobs to benefit economy
Green Party
Green Party
Bring home troops from Iraq (now)
Concerned about the threats of global warming
Democrat and green
Green Party and Democrat
Want universal healthcare
Want to keep jobs in America
why is the internet considered a medium?
It is a tool which spreads news toa widely dispersed audience; the world. People have acces to internet to broadcast or report news.
How does the media influence the public agenda?
The media can shape, tranfsform, and focus on demanding public agenda and disregard some types of news. People rely on media to inform them of the goings on, but the news displayed is what media thinks they should or should not know.
What limits are there on media influence?
-Not everyone fully undertands media news presented.
- Not everyone watches, listens, or believes.
- media does not present everything accuratly.
-some people do not put enough effort to be informed correctly
Why has the radio survived despite televsion's enormous appeal?
- the radio is avaiable in so many place: the car, the shower, home, on the move, etc.
- the television is limited to those who can afford it or have a home
- television is designed for national audiences, while the radio can provide info for local news. (hombody attachment)
How might campaign managers use presidental debate among the candidate to their client's advantage?
- Campaign managers can use tricks of editing to make a politician look even worse than it relaly was.
- or they can edit important pieces to make the audience feel inclined to have a liking for the candidate.
The power is held by the______?
People, they have the power to alter or reform laws.
What part of CA government provides free elections and makes sure there are fair elections?
The legislature
If a political party participates in a primary election, and recieves the most votes, what happens?
They now have the right to place the candidate on the ballot.
Are officials allowed to be biased?
Judicial, country and city officials cannot be biased toward a particul party or idea.
Voting is __________
What is an initiative?
A process by which citizens can petition to propose a law that legislation would not propose.
How is an initiative done?
a petition hasto be signed by at least 8% of voters who voted in the last governor election.
- the initiave must explain waht they want, and must be presented to the secretary of state.

-Sec. of state submits at next election after 31 days of qualifying as an amendment, the nteh governore can call a statewide election.
Can a law regarding one or more issues be put on a ballot?
Can a measure have several guidelines?
Are measures allowd to exclude certian political parties?
If two similar measures are passed, which one becomes a law?
the one with the most votes.
Does the legislature have the power to amend or repeal referadums or initiatives?
Yes, with a referandum they can amend or appeal it in office, if they want to amend an initiave they must first submit it to the people.