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What is the highest court in Florida?
The highest court in Florida is the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court is part of what branch of government?
The Supreme Court is part of the judicial branch of government.
What does the Supreme Court do?
The Supreme Court decides cases about the Florida State Constitution, as well as rights and freedoms of our citizens.
How can Florida voters change the state's constitution?
Florida voters can change the state's constitution by organizing a constitutional convention or by approving an initiative.
What is a petition?
A petition is a signed request for action. If enough Floridians sign a petition, the iniative is listed on the ballot. Then it will be voted on in the next election.
What is an initiative?
An initiative is an amendment to the constitution made by voters. Voters are asked to sign a petition saying they want an amendment.
What is the judicial branch?
The judicial branch is made up of courts and judges that hear and decide law cases.
What is the legislative branch?
The branch of government that makes laws.
What is a budget?
A budget is a written plan for spending money.
What is the executive branch?
The branch of government that prepares the budget and makes sure that laws are carried out.
What is a bill?
A bill is a plan for new laws.
What are the three branches of government?
The three branches of government are:
What are the two houses of Florida's legislature?
The two houses of Florida's legislature are the Senate and the House of Representatives.
What is a veto?
The governor may choose to veto or reject a bill.
Government in Florida:

State Goverment: Chapter 10 - Lesson 1

pg. 391 - 395
What is a jury trial?
In a jury trial a group of citizens decides wheter a person accused of a crime should be found guilty or not guilty. A jury trial can also be used to settle disagreements between people.
Who leads the executive branch?
The governor, who is elected by voters in Florida, leads the executive branch.