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Organized groups that try to influence public policy
Interest groups
Political scientist David B. Truman's theory that interst groups form in part to counteract the efforts of other groups
Disturbance theory
Organization that seeks a collective good that will not selectively and materally benefit group members
Public interest groups
A group with the primary purpose of promoting the financial intersts of its members
Economic interst group
Interst group representative who seeks to influence legislation that will benefit his or her organization through politcal persuasion
A group that represents a specific industry
Trade association
The activities of a group or organization that seeks to influence legislation and persuade political leaders to support the group's position
Persons who finance groups
Something of value that cannot be withheld from a nonmember of a group, for example, a tax write-off or a better environment
Collective good
Potential members fail to join a group because they can get the benefit, or collective good, sought by the group without contributing the effort
Free rider program