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Duties of prez. (3)
-command the military
-appoint cabinet, agency heads, & judges
-make sure laws are faithfully excetued
formal qualifications (3)
-35 years old
-natural citizen
-14 year resident
informal (4)
-experience in gov't
-middle class
-personal- white, male, farmers/business men
25th amendment

-Used 8 times
-VP, speaker of house, Prez pro tempore of Senate, Sec. of State
-Remaining Cainet Secretaries in the order the departments were created
Prez informs Congress he will be unable to preform his duties. OR
VP & a majority of the Cabinet informs Congress.

He resumes when he informs Congress he can. If VP & Majority disagree, Congress has 21 days to decide.
VP requirements
same as Prez
formal duties (2)
1.preside over senate
2.break a senate voke tie
informal duties (1)
1.represent prez at ceremonies
VP perks
Blair house, chef, and maid
_______ _________ began the Executive Office of the President, who directly assist the President.
Franklin Roosevelt
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
prepares nat'l budget
Nat'l Security Council (NSC)
Prez, Vp, advisor - helps coordinate military and foreign policy
White House Office (WHO)
do not have to be approved by Congress. filter & gather info & give advice. present prez's view to public.
Cheif of Staff
organizes WHO and breifings. Prez #1 man. ANDREW CARD
Press Secretary
issues statements in Prez's name
White house counsel
give's prez legal advice
Central Clearance
review of legislative proposals
3 EOP reasons of growth:
-Every prez has reorganized it
-Council of economic advisors
-Programs require several executive departments & agencies to work together