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What does the legislature do?
Representation, Lawmaking, executive oversight
Big Districts:
Hard to rep all people. Campaign (no door to door politics), and a bigger workload.
Bicameral House
2 house. No one househas too much power.
Citizen Legislature:
People serve part time. Limited # of terms in office. Not a career.
Disadvantages to Citizen Leg:
Not enough time. No experise. High chance ofcorruption.
begin the process of professionalzing the legislature.
Prop 1a:
protects local funding for saftey, health, library, and parks.Allows the provisions to be suspended only if the Governor declares a fiscal necessity and two-thirds of the Legislature approve the suspension. Also requires local sales tax revenues to remain with local government and be spent for local purposes
Citizen council on state leg. set up recomendations. Functional, Accountable, Informed, Independent, representative.
What did california representation do?
Lengthen the session. Improved salaries,increased staff.