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Which Congress are we currently in?
How many House members are there?
435, set number and proportional to state population
How many Senate members are there?
100, 2 from each state
Speaker of the House
Dennis Hastert (R)
House Majority Leader
Tom DeLay (R)
House Majority Whip
Roy Blunt
House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Whip
Steny Hoyer
President Pro Tempore
Ted Stevens
Senate Majority Leader
Bill Frist
Senate Majority Whip
Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader
Harry Reid
Senate Minority Whip
Richard Durbin
Order of command
Pres --> VP --> speaker of the house --> pres pro tempore
President Pro Tempure is...
one of the senators; longest-serving senator; only a symbolic title; 4th in command for presidency