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bills dealing with individual people or places
private bills
bills dealing with general matters
public bills
affects one house in congress
unrelated provisions attached to a bill
conference committee members
this mechanism is used to propose constitutional amendments
joint resolutions
this item requires both houses, but no law is neeeded
concurrent solution
these meetings are sessions at which a committee listens to a testimony
not a method of senatorial voting
secret ballot
allows the president to kill a bll during the last 10 days Congress is in session by refusing to act on it
approval of gov't spending
sets up a federal program
authorization bill
money paid by individuals and bussinesses
does most of the work
social programs that continue
the national gov't gets most of its spending money from?
this mechanism forbids members to offer any amendemnts to a bill from the floor
closed rule
this is needed for the department of defense to spend money
congressional approval
because these social programs continue from one year to the next they are called...
the gov't is legally committed to spnding for uncontrollables because of...
previous legislation
represents citizens of their district
party voting is strong on these
farm issues
tend to favor social welfare issues
tend to favor business
representatives of interest groups
on issues that affect their constituents' daily lives most members of congress vote according to
the needs of their districts
this is one of the most important influences on a lawmaker's voting behavior
political party identification
the major reason lawmakers vote along party lines is that they
have similar beliefs about a public party
this stongly influenced the vote for military action in the Persian Gulf in congress
growing public support
these special-interest groups influence lawmakers to vote in favor of their programs
political action committees
helping constituents with problems
a kind of casework
help with bureaucracy
appalachian regional commission
pork barrel legislation
lawmakers agreements to support eachothers bills
source of money and jobs
federal grants and contracts
although many voters say they want less government this keeps government large
voters request for help
this is NOT a way lawmakers provide services for their constitients
fixing speeding tickets
passing laws to appropriate money for local and federal projects is called
pork barrel legislation
local projects such as post offices, dams, military bases, and hospitals are called
public works bills
federal grants and contracts are awarded by
agencies of the executive branch