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large, complex group of people & agencies that manage gov't & implement policy. (Depts. & agencies of federal gov't)
public policy
gov'ts actions & programs that address issues & problems in a society or work toward a national goal.
federal budget
document that details how much money the gov't collects & spends in a year.
fiscal year
12 month period when an organization plans its budget.
Gov't: Oct.1-Sept.30
KY fiscal year: July 1-June 30
Independent Regulatory Commissions
Fed. agency that protects the public interest.
Gov't Corporations
Business the fed. gov't runs. Performs functions that could be provided by private businesses.
U.S. Postal Service
Independent Executive Agencies
Exec. branch agencies not in cabinet depts. that oversee a single area/
person who works for a dept. or agency of fed. gov't.
civil service
Fed. gov't employees who are hired & promoted based on merit.
spoils system
Employees who got an office through a friend.
iron triangle
nutually advantageous relationship among congressional committees, interest groups, & gov'tal agencies in an effort to influence leg. & policy.
Qualifications for prez
-natural born citizen
-atleast 35 yrs. old
-have lived in U.S. for 14 yrs. (not always consecutive)
term of office rule
4 yr. term with ability to be re-elected
22nd Amendment
Max of 2 terms (8 yrs.) (10 yrs. is possible w/ 1/2 way)
1/2 way rule
1st 1/2 of term-run once
2nd 1/2 of term-can run twice
electoral college
elected people in each state who case ballots for Prez & VP.
member of electoral college
electoral vote
vote cast for Prez & VP
presidential succession
specified procedure which a vacancy in presidency is filled
25th Amendment
How to hold a vacancy in Vice Presidency
people & organizations that make up the executive branch of a gov't
legislative veto
congress's power to veto an action of executive branch or prez
formed agreement between 2 or more sovereign nation-states
executive agreement
presidential agreement w/ another head of state that doesn't require senate's approval
executive powers
prez is in charge of fed. laws & how they're enforced
executive orders
presidential directive to an agency that defines new policies or carries out existing laws
prez can change a death sentance to better
drops a punishment implied admission of guilt
legislative powers
prex can:
1)call special session of congress
2)prez makes state of union speech
veto power
prez can turn down a bill passed by congress
line-item veto
an executive's power to reject part of a bill while approving the rest
economic planning
plans to help the country out of an economic crisis
executive privilege
prez's right to withold ifo from or refuse to testify b/f congress or courts
prez's refusal to spend $ that congress has appropriated
electoral votes needed to win
total electoral votes up for grabs
1 H.R. =
600,000 people
cerimonial head of gov't at public funtions
chief of state
oversees the operation of gov't agencies; appoints cabinet members; sees that laws are enforced
(reigns, rules, symbolizes, runs)
chief executive
heads military branches
represents the country in foreign affairs
chief diplomat
initiates possible legislation & works w/ congress to achieve the administration's goals
chief legislator
heads chosen political party
chief of party
represents the wishes of the general public
voice of the people
acts as spokesman for the Free World
president of the west
preserves order in times of national emergency
protector of the peace
engineers economic controls to maintain a stable economy
manager of the prosperity