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select committees
formed to investigate
Majority party controls...
every committee

senority rules = longevity of service
A Rider
An unrealated provision attatched to a bill, like a "legislative parasite"
The basic fuction of the committee is to...
separate importaint bills from the unimportaint bills
Committee of the whole
*The House sitting not as itself but as one large committee of itself
*100 members must be present
Joint committees
committees composed of numbers of both houses
(permanent groups)
2nd person to sign the bill
President of the Senate (V.P.)
How many standing committees
*in the House?
*in the Senate?
House: 22

Senate: 16
Who signs the bill?
Speaker of the House
standing committees
permanent subject matter committees
pocket veto
occurs when Congress adjourns a term when 10 days of sending a bill to the President
House floor debate
*Debate in the house is severly restricted
*has 5 min.
Who affixes the Great Seal of U.S. upon the bill?
Secritary of State
Committee debate
*most bills die in committee
*pigion-holing = forgotten about on purpose
Senate floor debate
The Senate has unrestricted debate.
Conference committees
must be formed to iron-out a compromise bill
Bill becomes law if not signed after...
10 days
House Rules Committee Action
*grants each bill a rule
*scheduals each bill for debate
talking a bill to death