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Democracy is not neccessarily
a characteristic of the state
Among the broad purposes of the us government in the Preamble of the consitiution is the obligation to..
provide justice and the peopl's geneeral well being
All policitcal powers in a state are concentrated at the
central level under unitary form of government
Not a basic american concept of american democracy
equal distribution of economic benifits
ex of equal oppurtunity
no discrimination of sex or race
Locke harrington hobbes and rousseau would all agree
the state exists to serve the people
In democaray, the will of the majority cannot be uused to
deprive minority rights
the dominate political unit in the world today
a state
the fedearal govenment power is divided between
the cental and local governments
the 50 states lack soverignity which is
a basic characteristic of state
ex of an exculsive power
power of the national govenment to coin money
conccurrent powers are those
exercised simultanioulsly in the national and state governments
bs questiom
full faith and credit
states must honor each others laws
where a fugitive is removed to the state they belong to where the crime was commited
basic characterisitc of federalism
divided power into national and state government
loval govs dervie their power from
state consititutiopns and state lws
the supremacy clause extablishes the consitiutions as
the nations highest law
Mccullloch v maryland
the supwermacy clause was used to upjhold the cotrine of implied powers
in the admission process proposed state contisitipns muct be approved by
the full hairth and credity clause of the consuitituopns provides
that state laws and court decisions must generally be honored by other states
Citizens of one state may sue in the courts of another state under
the privialges and inunity clause
Petiiton of right
the power of the crown was first limited by parliament under this
marision contribted most to the writing of the
Anti federalists
wanted bill of rights
bother articales of confederations and the consititiontion
could be amended
Government set up by the articales of condeederations had only a
legistlative branch consitisting of a unicameral congress