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The government collects money from people to pay for things like roads, police, and firemen. This money is called a
In most countries, the main responsbility of the government is to create
rules and laws
People who are members of a country or nation are called
The number of stars on the United States flag represents the
number of states in the union- 50
How are government leaders such as mayors, governors, and senators chosen?
They are elected. Citizens vote for them.
Congress is the lawmaking branch of which level of government?
federal or national
The head of a state government is called a
The head of the federal government is called the
How often are presidential elections held?
every four years
What is the capital of New York State?
What is the captial of the United States?
Washington, D.C.
Why do people face the U.S. flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance?
To show their loyalty
To vote in the United States, a person must be how old?
18 years old
The three branches of our federal government are:
executive, judicial, legislative
Which branch of the federal government makes the laws?
The legislature
Which branch of the federal government carries out national laws?
The executive branch
Which branch of the federal government interprets and applies national laws?
The judicial branch
In the supreme court, how long are the justices appointed for?
They are appointed for life.
Who is the head of the executive branch?
The president of the United States
Congress is the governing body of the legislative branch. The Congress is divided into two parts. What are they?
The House of Representatives and the Senate
How many Senators are elected from each state to go to the Senate?
There are two Senators from each state.
How many representatives are sent from each state to the House of Representatives?
It is according to the size of the population of the state. Larger states send more represntatives.
What are the three branches of the New York State government?
The Legislative Branch, The Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch
The New York Legislature is made of two parts. What are they?
The Assembly and the N.Y. Senate
What is the constitution?
The constitution is a written plan of government. It is like a book of rules.
What do the stripes symbolize on the American flag?
The original thirteen states.
What are we celebrating on the Fourth of July?
The date the colonists signed the Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776
What does democracy mean?
Rule by the people
Who is head of a city government?
The Mayor
Before the Constitution could become law, it had to be ratified. What does ratified mean?
What is a monarchy?
A government that is in the hand of a king or queen.
What is a dictatorship?
A system of government where all the power is in the hands or one person. The dictator makes the final decisions for everyone.
What do the two women pictured on the New York State seal represent?
liberty and justice
What does the Statue of Liberty represent?
It is a symbol of freedom for all people coming to the United States.
What is a political party?
A group of people who have similar ideas about how the government should be run.