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Government means
a group of people who work together to bring order to a community, state or nation
Election means
A time when people vote for the person or persons they want to lead them
Local Government-
City Council
Mayor is
the leader of a town or city
Mayor of Greenville
Mr. Knox White
Mayor of Greer
Mr. Rick Danner
City Council
A small group of people who help the mayor run the local government
Leader of the state government
How many years is he elected for?
4 years
Who is the Governor of South Carolina?
Mark Sanford
Where the busniess of the state is conducted.
What is the capital of SC?
What is the Constitution?
A plan that tells how the government will work.
When was the Constitution written?
over 200 years ago
How many parts is the Government dividing into?
What are the three parts of the Government called?
1. Executive Branch
2. Legislative Branch
3. Judicial Branch
Executive Branch is led by whom?
What is the name of our President
George W. Bush
What does the Executive Branch do?
Makes are the laws are carried out