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institutions by which a country is ruled and its public policy created and administered.
The authority of a nation states right to rule its-self
What are the five basic purposes of government?
1) Protection
2) matinence of public order
3) resolution of conflict
4) responsible for a stable econonmy
5) public service
divine right theory
sees rulers as representatives of god
Force theory
orgins of government sees government as a result of warfare and conquest
social contract theory
people being governed support the gov. and gov. supports the ppl
evolution theory
sees gov't as extension of the family
what are elites and where do they exist?
ppl who have lots of money or political influence. exist in.
heads od companies/government
belive that power is split among many different types of elites. that many ppl influence decision making.
weak central government
federal government
powers are divided between central and a number of sub-divisions
unitary government
all powers are held by single unit or agency
who wrote the declaration of independence?
thomas jefferson
John Locke
enlightenment philosopher made natural rights life liberty and the persuit of happiness
checks and balances
political power is split between 3 brances of gov. with each having some control over the other
how many articles in the costitution
where are the goals of the american government stated?
what is the bill of rights?
the first ten amendments to the constitution of the u.s
prohibited power
the powers denied to the federal gov. the state gov. or both
inherent power
powers usually in foriegn affairs that grow out of the very existance of the national government
delegated power
also calles enumerated or expressed powers that are specifically granted to the federal government by the const.
believe that government should interfere
believe in traditional values and that government shouldnt interfere
person with extremely liberal views
person with extremely conservative views
political party
group of people organized to influence gov. through winning elections and setting public policy.

made by ppl forming together many differnt types 3 main
split ticket
vote for candidates of more than one party in the same election.
winner take all
person with the most vote wins: no majority needed
the formal written statement of the principles and beliefs of a political party
political action committes
how many eligible voters turn out in an election?
about 50%
political socialization
when ppl establish their veiws and ideas about government
the right or privelage of voting
1st amendment
religious and political freedom
amendment 2-10
2: right to bear arms
3: Quartering troops
4: search and siezure
5: rights of acused persons
6: rights to a public trial
7: jury trials in civil cases
8:criminal punishment
9: rights of people
10: powers of states and people
Mabury V. Madison
established the power of the supreme court to declare an act of congress or of the executive branch unconstitutional
brown v. board of education
ruled that separation of the races in public schools is unconstitutional
roe v wade
legalized abortion under certain certain cercumstances
united states v. nixon
limited presidents use of executive privelage
republicans ideologies
more conservative
democratic ideology
mass media
radio television magazines, reach large numbers of public.
interest groups
goal is to influence and shape public policy
what is congress made up of?
the house, the senate and the president/cabinet
which part of congress is determined by population and which has 100 members?
the president or formal officer is kicked out of office
what presidents have been impeached
bill clinton
deficit spending
when spending exceeds its income
a purposed law
House rules committe
sets the rules for debate when a bill comes to the floor.
minimum number of member that must be present for valid transaction of business to take place.
long long speech designed to delay senates vote on a bill.
an addition or amendment to a bill that has nothing to do with the bils subject
what is the term for revising the bill
presidents qualifications
u.s citizen
lived in u.s for al least 14 yrs.
35 yrs. old
electoral college
ppl selected in each state that formally cast their vote for president of the u.s
how many votes do u need from the electoral college to win an election
war powers act of 1973
restricts the presidents use of u.s combat troops abroad and authorizes congress to order the troops home
presedential succession
the process by which a vacancy in the presidency is filled

vice president, speaker, pres pro temp.
made up of members of both political parties
how did the supreme court come about
from article III
what are the different court systems?
constitutional courts: federal court including supreme court judges serve for life

legislative courts: established to hear cases about and execute the leg. powers of congress
how do federal judges get there job
president appoints.
criteria for federl judge
Experiance and background
party affiliation
political ideaology
senatorial cortesy
dissenting oppinion
opposed the ruling
concurring opinion
agree but want to change
where does the federal government get most of its money?
sales tax
what does the governmen spend most on