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Government by a few leaders made eligible by birthright
Those legally entitled to vote for public official
System in which governmental power is widely shared among the citizens, usu. through free and open elections
direct democracy
Type of democracy in which ordinary people are the government, making all the laws themselves
electoral incentive
Desire to obtain or retain elected office
general election
Final election that selects the office holder
The institution in society that has a "monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force."
Proposed laws or state constitutional amendments placed on the ballot via citizen petition
Government by a few who gain office by means of wealth, military power, or membership in a single political party
permanent campaign
Condition that prevails when the next election compaign begins as sonn as the last has ended and the line between electioneering and governing has disappeared
popular model of democracy
Type of representative democracy in which ordinary people participate actively and closely constrain the actions of public officials
primary election
Preliminary election that narrows the number of candidates by determining who will be the nominees in the general election
A shorthand reference to an initiative or referendum
recall election
Attempt to remove an official from office before completion of the term
A law or state contitutional amendment that is proposed by a legislature or city council but does not go into effect unless the required majority of voters approve it
representative democracy
An indirect from of democracy in which the people choose representatives who determine what government does
responsible model of democracy
Type of representative democracy in which public officials have considerable freedom of action but are held accountable by the people for the decisions they make
single-issue voter
Voter who cares so deeply about some particular issue that a candidate's position on this one issue determines his or her vote