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form of government in which representatives of the people, rather than the people themselves, govern
An attitude, rooted in classical liberal theory and reinforeced by the frontier of tradion that citizens are capable of taking care of themselves with minimal governmental assistance.
A widley shared set of views, attitudes, beliefs, and customes of a people as to how their government should be organized and ran.
Political culture
A view that government should interfere as little as possible in the private lifes of it's citizens, while assuring adequate public facilities permit individuals to pursue thier self interests.
Individualistic subculture.
The type of view were governments primary role is to promote the well being of its citizns and use its authority and power to improve the social and economic well being of its citizns
Moralistic subculture
a process by which aq predominantly rural society or area becomes urban?
The number of residents living within the boundaries of a city, county or state in relaition to the land area?
Population density.
A tax that imposes a disporporionately heavier burdenon low incom people than on the molre affluent?
regressive tax
When new businesses are encuraged to relocat or expand to other areas?
econmic diversification
increased interdependence in trade, manufacturing, and commerce between the united states and other countries
golodalization of the economy
Expanding economic and social interdependence of South Texas and Mexico
transnational regionalism
Treary among the United states, Canada, and mexico which was created in 1993?
form of government in which representatives of the people, rather than the people themselves, govern
After what year did African Americans begin to settle in the state of Texas?
the year 1836
in the 2000 election how many African Americans were elected to offices political offices?
What did the term anglos stand for?
Jews,Irish, poles and other nationalities that were under the us Bureau of the cencus as non hispainic white.
Anglos constituded approximitly what percent of the Texas population in the year 2000?
A system of government in which people rule, either directly or through elected representatives?
Proposals submitted by a state legislature to the public for popular vote?
An oppressive systemof government in which citizens are deprived of basic freedom to speak,write,associate,and participate in political life without fear of punishment?
authoritarian regime
a type of government which people govern themselves, vote on polices and laws, and live by majority rule?
direct democracy
a type of government in which voters designate a relatively small number of people to represnent thier interest in a legislative body?
indirect democracy
a form of governance dating back to the 1700's in which town business is transacted by the consent of a majority of eligible citizens?
town meeting
A state in which all participants have equal access to the decision making process, equal oppertunity to influence the decisions made, and equal responsibility for those decisions?
a system of government in which the voters select representatives to make decisions for them?
representative democracy
A system of governemt that allows represntation of the popular will?
A value that suggests that no indivdual should be within the power or under the control of another?
The idea that people should have equal rights and opportunities to develop their talents, that all people should begin at the same stating point in a race?
equality of opportunity
The idea that all forms of inequality, including economic dispaties, should be compeltely eradicated, this may mean giving some people an advantage at the start so that weveryone will complete the race at the same time?
equality of result
A condition in which the structures of a givin society and the relationships thereby defined among individual and classes comprising it are mantained and preserved by the rule of law and police power of the state?
A condition that resistant to the sudden change or overthrow?
Rights given to those in the minorty, based on the idea that tyranny of the majority is a danger to human rights?
minority rights
A sytem that occures when those in the minority band together into groups based on particular interests and seek influence policy by allying with other groups?
The requirement that everyone must have the right to vote?
universal suffrage
The institutions that give people the opportunity to participate in public life?
instiutions that exsit to allow like minded members of the population to group together and magnify their individual voices to promote indivdual candidates and government action?
political parties
Formal organization of people who share a comon outlook or social circumstance and who band togther in the hope of influencing government policy?
interest groups
The right to have the goverment stay out of the personal lives of its citizens?
right to privacy
Media characterized by the open reprting of information without the censorship by the government?
free press
The power of the supreme court established in Marbury v. Madison to overturn acts of the president, congress, and states if those acts violate the constitution. This power make the supreme court the final interpreter of the consituion?
judical review