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The executive branch is headed by the
The president is elected for a term of
4 years.
The president may be re-elected and serve a total of
8 years.
Our president is
George W. Bush.
Our vice president is
Dick Cheney.
The president lives and works at
The White House.
List 6 jobs of the president:
1. Chief Executive
2. Party Leader
3. Economic Leader
4. Chief of State
5. Commander in Chief
6. Chief Diplomat
What are at least 3 requirements to be president?
1. Be 35 years old.
2. Born in the U.S.A.
3. Live in the U.S.A. for 14 years.
The Legislative Branch is called
the Congress.
What does the Legislative Branch do for our country?
Makes laws.
The Legislative Branch, or Congress, has two parts. What are they?
1. The Senate
2. The House of Representatives.
Where do the members of Congress work?
At the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
List 4 things about the House of Representatives.
1. Elected for a 2 year term.
2. Must be 25 years old to run for office.
3. Called a congressman or congresswoman.
4. The number of representatives in your state depends on how many people live in your state.
Who is our congressman?
Sherrod Brown
List 4 things about the Senate.
1. Elected for a six year term.
2. Must be 30 years old to run for office.
3. Called a senator.
4. Each state has 2 senators.
Who are our two senators?
Mike DeWine
George Voinovich
The most important court in the United States is called
the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court makes up what branch of our government?
The Judicial branch.
How many judges are on the Supreme Court?
9 judges
Who chooses the judges on the Supreme Court since they are not elected by the people?
The president.
When you are a Supreme Court judge, you have a job for
your whole life.
The Supreme Court works at the
Supreme Court Building.
What are two of the Supreme Court's jobs?
1. To be sure laws follow the Constitution.
2. To explain what the laws mean.
What is meant by saying "The President's Many Hats?"
The President doesn't really wear these hats, but this expression is a way of saying that he has a job with many duties.
What does the president do in the job of Chief Executive?
The president is the boss of government employees.
What does the president do in the job of Chief Diplomat?
The president appoints ambassadors to help us get along with other countries.
What does the president do in the job of Chief of State?
The president is a symbol of the U.S. Master of Ceremonies.
What does the president do in the job of Party Leader?
The president is the head of a political party (usually Democrat or Republican), and helps raise money.
What does the president do in the job of Economic Leader?
The president makes sure there are enough jobs and money.
What does the president do in the job of Commander in Chief?
The president is the head of the armed forces.