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peole in a legislators district or state
government official who serves as a link betweeen constituents and the govenment to investigate and resolve comlaints by citizens about the government actions
agencies and departments of the executive branch that carry out policy on a day to day basis
Regular sessions
periods of time during which Congress assembles and carries out its business
end a session of a legislatiive body
members already in office
periods in which Congress is not in session
expression of disaproval of improper conduct
force from office
prsident pro tempore
member of the Senate who temporarily presides over the Senate when the Vice President is absent
Majority leader
member of a legislative house elected by members to lead the majority party
Minority leader
member of a legislative house elected by members to lead the minortity party
official count of the people of the United States taken every 10 years since 1790
distribute and assign legislative seats
redistribution of legislative seats based on a new law or formula
mildest form of censure voted by a house of congress
espressed powers
powers listed in the constitution
taxes charged on imported items
monies raised by a government to pay for its activities
government expenditures
federal budget
yearly blueprints for the raising and spending of federal funds
goods shipped into a country
legal tender
money that is legally valid and must be accepted in payment of a debt.
interstate commerce
trade between the states
national debt
total amount of money that the federal government owes as a result of borrowing
exclusive legal rights to reproduc, publish,or sell ones works
exlusive legal rights to protect inventions
violation of the rights of copyrights owners
goods shipped out of a country
distinctive words or symbols that identify a company or its products
the condition of being legally unable to pay ones debts
Legislative veto
provision allowing one or both houseds of congress to block executive actions
implied powers
powers not specifically metioned in the constitution
strict construction
narrow interpretation of the constition
Loose construction
broad interpretation of the constitution
formally bring charges against an official
executive agreements
agreements made by the president with leaders of other countries that do not require senate approval.
standing committees
permanent committees that deal with certain subject ares
proposed laws or drafts of laws to be considered by congress
select committees
legislative committees that meet for a limited time and for a special purpose not covered by staning committees
small groups into which cmmittees are divided to carry out some special duty
Joint committees
committees made up of members of both houses of a legislature
discharge petition
request from members of congress to force a bill out of committee and onto the floor for consideration
seniority system
custom of choosing a chairperson on the basis of the longest period of service on the committee
public bills
bills that deal with matters of general interest and affect everyone
private bills
bills that deal with specific matters and affect only a few people
joint resolutions
legislative proposals with the force of law that must be passed by both houses and approved by the President
simple resolutions
measure that deal with matters in only one house
concurrent resolutions
measures intended to express an opinion or an official policy
box into which representatives drop bills to introduce them into the house
a bill put aside in a committee and not referred to the house or senate for action
markup session
subcommittee meeting in congress to make changes in a proposed bill
action of sending a bill to the full house by a legislative committee
trips by members of congress to gather information
minimum number of legislators who must be preent before a legislative body can act
quorum Call
request of a legislator that membe5rs on the house and senate floor be counted to determine if a quorum exists
provision added to a bill that are not related to it
unanimous consent agreements
vote by the senate with no dissenting votes to end debate on a bill
tactic used by a senator to delay or block action on a bill by speaking contiuously
printed with the agreed upon changes
cloture rule
procedure by with members of senate can end a filibuster and limit debate
conference committee
temporary committee made up of members from both houses of a legislature that tries to settle differences in a bill
pocket veto
special power of the president whereby bills not signed die after a specified time