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Universal suffrage
Voting is open for virtually all persone 18 years of age or older
Literacy rate
As a prequisite for voters rigistration, this test was designed and administered in ways intended to prevent African Americans and Latinos from voting
Grandfather clause
Exempted people from educational,property,or tax requirements for voting if they were qualified to vote before 1867, or were descendents of such person
Poll tax
A tax levied in Texas from 1902 until a similar Virginia tax was declared unconstitutional in 1962, failure to pay the annual tax made a citizen ineligible to vote in party primaries or in special and general elections
White primary
A nominating system designed to prevent african americans & some mexican americans from participating in Democratic primaries for 1923-1944
Racial gerrymandering
Drawing districts designed to affect representation of an racial group inn a legislative chamber, city councile, commissioners court, or other representative body
at-large majority district
A district that elects two or more representatives
Motor voter law
Legislation requiring certain goverment offices to offer voter registration applications to clients
Voter turnout
The percentage of the voting age population casting ballots in an election
Texas election Code
The body of state law concerning parties, primaries, and elections
Voter registration
A qualified voter must register with the county voting registrar, who compiles lists of qualified voters residing in each voting precinct
Early voting
Conducted at the county court house and selected polling places before the designated primary, special,or general election day
Voting precinct
The basic geographic area for conducting primaries and election; Texas is divided into more that 8,500 voting precrincts
Elections administration
Less than 12% of Texas counties employ a full-time election administrator to supervise voter registration and voting
Election judge
Appointed by the county commissioners court to administer an election in a voting precinct
Primary election
A preliminary election conducted within the party to select candidates who will run for public office in a subsequent general election
Direct primary
A nominating system that allow voters to participate directly in the slection of candidates for public office
General election
Held in November of even-numbered years to elect county and state officals from among candidates nominated in primaries or(for small parties)in nominating convention
Runoff primary
Held a month after the fitst primary to allow party members to choose a candidaites form the first primary's top 2 vote-getters
Closed primary
A primary in which voters must declare their support for the party before they permitted to participate in the selection of its candidates
Open primary
A primary in which voters are not required to declare party identification
Nonpartisan blanket primaries
A nominating process whereby voters indicate their perferences by using a single ballot on which are printed the names and repective party lables of all persons seeking nomination
Independent candidate
A candidate who rund in a general election without party endorsement or selection
Jungle primary
Louisiana conducts a jungle primary in which candidates from all parties compete in a single election. A candidate who receives 50% or more of the vote is elected; otherwise, a runoff between the top 2 candidates must be held
To scrutinize the results of an election and then confirm and certify the vote tally fir each candidate
off-year or midterm election
A general election held in the even-numbered year following a preisdental election
Special election
An election called by the governor to fill a vacancy (eg.,US congressional or state legislative office) or vote on a proposed state constitutional amendment or local bond issue