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The Progressive Party led by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.

*Alot of these ideas were used by the Democrats, especially FDR.
Bull Moose Party
stand for one idea, generally short-lived...idealology
single issue parties
This third party is extremely unpopular in America. Corrupt
One of the two major political parties in the United States, owing its origin to a split in the Democratic-Republican Party under Andrew Jackson in 1828.
several officers are elected to represent voters in an area...filled in proportion to the votes that each party's candidates recieve
proportional representation
a gov dominated by religion
a group of people united to promote special interests
gov formed by many political parties that join to obtain a majority
The First political party; called for a strong central gov
a political party that splits away from another party because of some disagreement
splinter party
Jackson-Haters; conflicts over major issues like banking tariffs, and slavery shattered dem-rep party and split into two...Jackson went Democrats, and the others were this
founder of the Reform Party
Ross Perot
you need at least 5% of the votes to get may petition also if you do not get 5%
on the ballot
focuses exclusively on one major social, economic, or moral issue
single issue party
any other party other than the Dems or the Reps
third Party
After Feds power quickly declined (after John Adams was elected), Jefferson came to power with this party.
Many Whigs joined this new party that opposed the spread of slavery.
usually found in nations with authoritarian gov'ts
One-Party Rule
a party that focuses on an all over change rather than one issue
idealological party