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if both the president and vice president died simultaneously who would become president?
The Speaker of the House OF Rep.
Which body has the authority to give "consent" to a president's appointments such as an ambassador or judge?
who has the power to make treaties?
the president
what does the president do if he wants to enter a secret and highly sensentive arrangement with a foreign nation with out senate approval?
enter into an executive agreement with that nation.
how can presidential vetoes be overridden?
Congress with a two-thirds vote majority
who does the war powers act limit? and what does it limit?
the presidents war powers
how can the pres. check the power of the federal judiciary?
granting pardons for convicted defendants.
which pres is ranked the best according to the authors?
who started the trend towards presidential decision making?
franklin roosevelt
what does a presidents cabinet consist of?
the exuctive branch departments
what is the cabinets major function?
to help the president execute the laws and assist him in decision making
which office helped the pres oversee the federal bureaucracu?
executive office of the president
The National Security Counsil (NSC) consists of who (3)
vice pres,
state and defense
if there was a vacancy in the office of the vice pres how would the new v pres come abouot?
president would appoint a new vice and it would need to be confirmed by the congress
which govermental unit closely resembles Cabinet departments bu ha a much narrower area of responsibility?
inderpendent executive agency
what department is the majority of federal workforce employed in?
cabinet departments
who are a set of complex hierarchical departments, agencies and commissions that help the pres. carry out his constitutionally mandated charge to enforce laws of the nation?
which bureaucratic unit has the broadest area of gov operations?
cabinet depratments
what was the lead characteristic of the nature of the fed bureaucracy until 1880? (not a pardon)
how long is the US supreme court justices term?
life "with good behavior"
What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?
Federal District Courts
What are both the federal courts of appeals and the US supreme court apart of?
Appellate Courts
WHo has the authority to approve a pres. nominations to the supreme court?
the US senate
All petitions for a writ of certiorari involving the U.S. Supreme Court must meet two criteria: the case must have appeals exhausted up to the Court, and the case must
involve a federal question.
When is certiorari granted?
when four justices on the court have voted in favor of hearing the case
WHat is a solicitor general a member of?
the justice department
How do U.S. Supreme Court decisions get made?
initial conference votes are not final; justices can change their minds before final votes are taken
The process through which an individual acquires particular political orientations, values, and beliefs refers to
political socialization.
protestants are the most ...
which gender is most likely to vote for the dem party?
the fastest growing age group today is that of citizens over..
What is political ideology?
individuals set of values and believes with govt
If a candidate and his or her campaign organization wanted to see if their strategy is working with the voters at different times in the campaign, they would most likely use a
tracking poll
Journalists who searched out and exposed real and apparent misconduct by government, business, and politicians in order to stimulate reform were called
According to the authors, what events shifted the orientation of journalists away from mere description of happenings toward prescription?
The Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and Watergate
The significance of the New York Times Co. v. Sullivan decision in 1964 was that
public officials would have a more difficult time proving they had been libeled than a private person.
journalist usually vote..