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name the 4 formal powers of the governor (constitutional and legal powers)
budgetary power, veto power, judicial power, appointment power
name 2 informal powers of the governor, traditional/cultural powers
threat of veto, legislature leadership
why did edwin have a strong term
he was the popular good times gov. era of reform, strong economy: oil boom, consensus politics
treen: weak or strong and why?
difficult term: weak economy, oil bust. not politically adept
edwards third term. weak or strong and why?
difficult term: no economic turn around, legal scandal
roemer weak why
weakened mandate (eddy quits election), failed fiscal reform, legislative revolt
edwards 92-96 difficult term why
elected as lesser of 2 evils
foster popular gov why
1st gov reelected to consecutive terms in 24 years
foster agenda
anti affirmative action (early win), tort reform (win), education (win), tax/economic reform (win), teacher pay (fail)
foster evaluations: supporters said this...
bipartisan, successful
foster critcs say this...
did not court business outside state, tax and spend, environment
how many in the house?
how many in the senate?
legislative terms?
4 years, 3 terms
"one man, one vote" rule
population based on districts, reapportionment
what are 3 things a resolution does?
congratulates, changes a rule, sends message
a bill can be amended in comittee to:
make more powerful, kill a bill, high jack (add something unrelated0, gutting a bill(erasing and rewriting)
if the bill doesnt come out of both chambers in same form where does it go
conference comittee
governer can veto a bill and kill it unless what
legislature passes with 2/3 vote
little practical change in legislature... why?
unintended consequences, no political organization
unintended consequences of no political change:
favors governor: return to alternating sessions, term limits
reason for no political org in legislature
weak parties in gov, no org balance against govs power, change in 2005?-rep opposition to cig tax
legal traditions: common law-history, source of law, and legal authority
history: britain, source of law: jurisprudence, legal authority: judges
civil law: history, source of law, and legal authority
rome/france, written law, legislature
louisiana has civil law because of its french history but it is NOT what
the napoleonic code
implications of civil law:
insulates LA legal culture, more attorneys per-capita, more litigous
basic structure of courts:
top: la supreme court, intermediate: circiut court of appeal, bottom: district courts
state district courts: how many? size? judges?
42 judicial district courts, varies, varies
whats the trial level?
where cases start and most cases end
state circuit courts of appeal: how many circuits, how many districts in each circuit, what do they do1
5, at least 3, hear appeals from district courts
LA supreme court: how many justices
LA supreme court: dual role: what is the adjucative function?
hear cases, hear appeals at discretion of court, disciplinary action for attorneys
La supreme court: dual role: what is administrative function?
govern courts
double does of ___
Bureaucratic org: traditional model-rules and routines?
professional: expertise and specialization, fair-w/o bias or favoritism,effective-successful implementation,efficient-minimize waste and cost
bureaucratic org is non-___
bureaucratic org before 1970s:
disorganized fiefdoms
bureacratic org: 1974 constitution did what
organized into 20 departments
bureaucratic org today:
political football
3 major sources in the budget:
federal funds, self generated & dedicated funds, state and general fund
revenue estimating conference
meets in december, sets capital by unanimous decision
composition of budget:
governor, speaker of house, president of senate, faculty member
gov submits executive budget to whom prior to session?
the joint legislative comm on budget (JLCB)
waht does the JLCB do
investigates, makes recommendations for budget
governor has what powers for budget
veto power, line item veto power
bill goes to the house appropriations committee and then to the..
committee of the whole, then house votes
during the fiscal year, REC meets again to do what
adjust estimates
parishes are weak for 2 reasons
subject to state rule, fragmentation of offices
parish gov traditional system is ____
police jury
the police jury is describes as
administrative, not legislative, limited policy making power, default
PJ structure
jurors elected from districts, juror is caretaker of district
some parishes get rid of PJ, which ones change?
larger populations, south LA