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Congressional terms
2-year term made of 2 1-year sessions. Starts Jan 3, ajourns mid-Dec with 3-4 recesses
Official ending of Congressional session
Neither house can adjourn w/out permission of the other
Sine Die
President can call this if he feels necessary, hasn't happened since 1948
special session
Dividing legislative disctricts for the first time
Dividing districts after the first time
States that have only one rep
Representatives at large
# of reps altogether
435 - max number acording to reapportionment act of 1929
legislative representational unit
Taken every 10 years for tabulation of population for the purpose of representation - done by state legis
illegal drawing of district lines
verbal reprimand
Qualifications of House member:
25, American citizen, live in state you represent
Court case - districts must be as equal in population size as possible
Westbury-Sanders cause
Court case - "one man, one vote" - all votes have same power
Qualifications for Senators
30, Natural-born or naturalized citizen, live in state represented.
Serve 6 year terms
2/3 of Senate automatically returns, 1/3 up for election at end of Senate term
continuous body/rotational elecion system
Stats of Legi
-50%+ Republic in House and Senate currently
- 90% men
- 90-95% Caucasian
-93% have college degrees
Compensation for house/senate members
the people represented
members of House + Senate make sure executive enforces laws that have been passed
oversight function
Special priveleges of House/Senate members (2)
1. Franking - free postal service
2. Legislative immunity - Free speech on floor of House or Senate
27th amendment
Congress can vote themselves a raise but it is not effective until their next term