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right to vote
right to vote
potential voting population
persons living in a state for only a short time, without legal residence
Voter Registration
procedure of voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting; list of who are qualified to vote in an election
to remove the names who are no longer eligible to vote; every 2-4 years but usually ignored
poll books
list of all registered voters in each precinct
off-year elections
congressional election that occurs between presidential election years
political efficacy
one’s own influence or effectiveness on politics
political socialization
process by which people gain their political attitudes and opinions
Gender gap
measurable differences between the partisan choices of men and women today
Party Identification
loyalty of people to a political party
straight-ticket voting
practice of voting for candidates of only one party in an election
split-ticket voting
voting for candidates of different parties for different offices at the same election
term used to describe people who have no party affiliation