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a way to change the constitution
the government and its officers must obey the _______, which is another way of describing the concept of limited government
rule of law
name for one of seven numbered sections of the constitution
the system of ______ helps keep on branch of government from domination the actions of another
checks and balances
the constitution provides for the ____ by creating three distinct branches of government
separation of powers
judicial branch rules if actions of the president and congress are in accordance with the constitution, if not, they are _____
distributes power between central government and the regional government
process of changing the constitution without changing the written words of it
informal amendment
with the words, we the people, the constitution establishes ____
popular sovereignty
In most cases involving judicial review, the court rules the governmental actions in question to be ___________
those powers exercised solely by the national government
exclusive powers
federal aid given to states and local governments with virtually no conditions attached
block grant
those powers held by the states, not granted specifically to the national government in th constitution
reserved powers
powers the national government has because it's the national government of a sovereign state
inherent powers
powers granted to the national government by the constitution
delegated powers
separation into national and state governments on a territorial basis
Agreements among states
interstate compacts
powers specifically mentioned in the constitution that the national government and state governments share
concurrent powers
in order for a new state to be admitted to the union, congress must pass an _______, after a state constitution has been approved by the people of the proposed state
act of admission
States receive grants of federal land under a _____ for the purpose of establishing schools and colleges
grants-in-aid program
the smallest unit of election adminstration
a group of people joined together on the basis of common principals, who seek to control government an public policy
political party
consisting of several distinct cultures and groups
pluralistic society
the dominant political parties in the united states
major parties
casting ballots for candidates from different parties for different offices in the same election
split-ticket voting
because the US has a ___, the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are republicans and democrats
two-party system
any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the United States is a _____
minor party
parties that wan to express their discontent with major parties and current economy are known as
economic protest parties
in dictatorships, the _____ could realistically be called a "no party" system
one-party system
most single issue parties have been _____